Blow a Candle

Or better yet, blow Frederick Deltour!

To celebrate my 500,000th visit, I'm celebrating the birthday (March 30, 1982) of this Stade France Calendar stud. While not on that rugby team, they smartly chose to start adding a few extra special studs to each year's calendar.

And Freddy's got le sausage incredibile!
Bon anniversaire, Frederick! E un un bon grand cock, aussi!

If you want more hot jocks nude and nearly nude, each stud on his birthday, join the Male Celeb Athletic Birthday Suits Yahoo Group (group closed). But you might want to start off with an email address with a big in-box. The pics come by the dozens every day. (note: to join the group, you have to have a Yahoo Profile stating you are over 18!)

Here's another: Aussie aerobics champ Nick Beyeler (March 29, 1975). Too bad he doesn't pose legs spread wide with no shorts on. But it seems he's getting used to being naked, and (for those who don't care for the tasty dick hood of Deltour) his cut flaring mushroom headed cock gets bigger and harder every time he poses nude. Nice birthday suit, Nick! Show more!

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Travis said...

two of my personal favorites, nick beyeler and frederic deltour. one word, YUM!