April's Fool Daze

Since ABC is showing a rehash of clips from Desperate Housewives, I thought, hey, a major network can do it with a satiric soap opera, why can't I?

Things have developed since nearly a month ago when the rightwing gab show's poster boy for on-campus pseudo-victimization Matt Sanchez got outed as Rod Majors, 8-inch cocked porn perfomer (Sorry, no way it's 11").

While it's entirely possible that Sanchez, in his sociopathic attention-hungry fervor, actually may have outed himself by posting hither and yon on message boards, dropping clues about himself, in interviews, Sanchez has repeatedly denied he did a lot of things, like taking money for being a"Well-Hung Top" prostitute (an honorable profession), and still being gay.


While the rightwing/Libertatian whatever-they-ares in Bizarro World remain smug in their multi-syllabic disdain for "the left" (i.e. lil ole moi, aided by JoeMyGod and the DataBitches, and even Atkol's porn forums) for "outing" Sanchez and thereby being "evil," it's only expected that the man they so vociferously support -when they feel like it- is a big buff liar, about a lot more things.

But that's the sort of person rightwingers love; duplicity and doubletalk are their forté. Funny who all those "conservatives" who lauded his "efforts" have now left him cold, the flipflopping fucktwits.

Radar grills him over his porn past; read the meltdown.

Check out the gay version of right/left endless blather at Independent Gay Forum. Watch a civil discussion spiral downward into a textual cat fight.

Let Chris Crain offer his worthless opinion, since he's never said whether he had free or paid sex with whore to Bushco Jeff Gannon before, during, or after he stupidly hired the fraudulent "reporter" to write screeds for The Blade.

Preposterously, here and there, rightwingers gay, straight, and whatever are praising Matt as being "tough." Tough for what? Facersize? Going on TV and exaggerating a campus hissyfit? Pushing for a veterans' statue at Columbia, for which he'll no doubt pose, if he isn't jailed or fined by then?

The updates:

The Marines are "piling extra charges" (Thanks Q-Seattle) on Matt for fraudulently doing fundraisers and getting people to pay thousands for his U-Haul expenses (which would make him a lesbian, right?).

LoneStarBear summarizes Matt's pathological lying. The Marine Corps Times has the formal news version.

Sanchez's participation in porn films was part of the investigation, but that two of the three allegations against him involved lying "to various people, including but not limited to, representatives of the New York City United War Veterans Council and U-Haul Corporation" about deploying to Iraq at the commandant's request.

"Specifically, you wrongfully solicited funds to support your purported deployment to Iraq" by coordinating a $300 payment from the UWVC and $12,000 from U-Haul, Jones wrote.

Sanchez vigorously denied the new charges, calling them "demonstrably false" in an interview with Marine Corps Times. He had earlier argued that what he describes as a "summer job" doing porn shouldn't be of concern to the Marines.

In a March letter addressed to MobCom commander Brig. Gen. Darrell Moore, who will ultimately decide what to do with Jones' investigation, Sanchez said he's never done anything to bring dishonor on the Corps since enlisting and that "my past is behind me."

No, Matt: your behind has surpassed you.

Other updates: someone posted a pic putting the leather escort pics together online. Matt allegedly even used the cropped headshot from this pic in his own blog. It's also been proven that he owns/owned the website with his ho pics. This proves what we already knew: he was a studly whore.

Matt's Blog no longer names himself as a "Corporal." So, what; did his rank and uniform just melt away like chalk sidewalk drawings in Mary Poppins? Is he finally acknowledging that he's in trouble?

One thing is true; some of his porn is rather flat, if not soul-flattening. Since none of the porn bloggers and message boards I frequent (hey, just a few) have yet to wise up and post clips of Matt in action, I got a few DVDs pretty cheap, and boy, do some of them suck! Now I remember why I stopped paying for rental porn a few years ago. Patriot Ass is just a collection of some of the worst porn in decades. Matt's scene is from some other video, he looks pale and thin, and while he fucks at length, he's not enjoying it. I wouldn't either, with the harsh lighting, hideous set, and less than stellar co-stars. BTW, there aren't any military scenes in the compilation.

You can check out his extensive video list on the encyclopedic -if not obsessive- Wikipedia entry full of facts (some of which Sanchez himself disputes, but a few others, like commenter Will found out and verified). Jeez, I think Marcel Proust's entry is shorter!

So, anyway, back to the porn: Matt's best work is Big Country, Jawbreaker, and Lunch Hour 2 (all of which I remember having seen, but years ago), and Montreal Men. I'm holding off on renting the Kristen Bjorn stuff, since I'm not in the mood for endless hands-free ejaculations.

And if you don't mind, I'm not in the mood for keeping up with the mental masturbation about all this. The real thing's much more healthy, and amusing.

UPDATE, MAY 11: In news that should surpise no one, Matt has allegedly posted a new profile on ManHunt looking for -quelle non surprise!- more gay sex. Queerty has all the gossip and transcript of a recent exchange online. Gee, Matt, you're a really bad liar.

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Willy said...

I wasn't aware that Sanchez advertised "uniform role play a specialty." Or is that your own satire of him?

Tom Bacchus said...

Yes. It's a joke.

tim said...

I have always believe Tom Bacchus because he is a real professional in communicate with you no matter who you are..Bravo Tom...