"It would be dangerous. We’d get mired down inside Iraq in a conflict that’s been raging for generations in the interests of trying to dictate who’s going to govern in Iraq. That is not something that we are prepared to see American forces do. For the US to get involved militarily in determining the outcome of the struggle over whose going to govern in Iraq strikes me as a classic definition of a quagmire." - Dick Cheney, in a 1991 NPR interview.

So this is what our stud of the week, Matt Sanchez, is defending.

The administration/military poised to dismiss him for his sexy past; this is what he's defending.

The administration that knew invading Iraq was stupid, yet did it, based on lies, and more lies.

In the same issue of Marine Times that weighs his impending dismissal by "doing porn when not in a drilling status" (LOL!), Matt notes a review of this week's hit movie, 300, and gets all Rex Reed himself on his blog.

Here's an amusing debate about the merits and barely veiled "message" of the hyper-violent film, which portrays, in Matt's words, the entire Persian army as a bunch of "drag queens."

Okay, it's based on a comic book/graphic novel; not unlike Matt's career?

In true NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) fashion, Matt, aka Rod Majors, considers his struggle as similar to that of the Spartans; overwhelmed by Persian drag queens (we, the porny multiple-pierced liberal left), and forced off a cliff in a noble pursuit.

More like jumping off like a lemming, Mateo. We "lefties" of course, are comparing the Spartans' fate to that of U.S. soldiers being senselessly knocked off by insurgents.

As a Greek, I don't enjoy seeing my history rearranged to suit the whims of politicians and others, but that's been going on for centuries. And some of it's fun; Hercules cartoons, TV shows, erotic art; there's centuries of revisionism, because the stories, no matter how disjointed they become, still entertain.

What's become so prevalent in this era is the de-gayification of the gayest stories in history.

Achilles was gay. Brad Pitt's Troy attempted to de-gay him. sorry. Pretty costumes, great action scenes. But Achilles didn't get all pissed off over Patroclus' death because he was his cousin. Patroclus was his hot little lovah!

Hercules was bisexual. He fucked young guys and had wives. He went crazy and killed his wife. don't expect to find that in any Disney-fied re-interpretation.

And unlike in 300, The Spartans were gay. Okay, not "gay" in the modern sense, but homo-relational, and sexual between older and younger soldiers.

That's a fact Matt and his rightwing cronies, who see 300 as a historic variant on their own "quagmire" of a war; wait, two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan - oh, and Iran, soon enough, just as soon as Chimpoleon gathers up a few more trillion dollars for Halliburton and Bechtel, and forces a few more hundred thousand troops into redeployment, as 250,000 injured vets get horribly sloppy healthcare, and Rethug polits suddenly "care," now that the "leftist media" exposed Walter ReedArmy Medical Facility as deplorable.

You see, maintaining a losing war is patriotic and pro-American, despite the fact that Halliburton, the biggest war profiteer on earth, is moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai (you know, where Saudi Arabia's emirs and Bush pals had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11; nope, not a thing!)

Y'all recall the preposterous Dubai ports idiocy Cheneyco tried to swill us on.

Meanwhile, back here in SmallPornville, rightwing, er, "Libertarian" prudes are calling me homophobic for posting pics of naked men! Yep, in Bizarro World, dickless geeks who never get laid spew Ayn Randian/Camille Paglia deconstructivist drivel, and think announcing facts about our porn/Marine poster boy is "homophobic."

Hey, bitch; his gay stuff's the best thing about him. I'd call the fucked-in-the-head mental masturbator "Libertarians" faggots, but that would be an insult to wooden sticks.

Can anyone name a Libertarian politician who ever got elected? There must be one somewhere. But mostly, Libertarians are just Republicans who like to smoke pot and remove themselves from reality. Their real party, the GOP, invades privacy and overspends and hates, yet they stay in their billowy cloud world of theory. In theory, their ideas work.

Meanwhile, back in reality -okay, this sexual blog's reality- what about Matt/Rod's hot fucking action?

Is Matt's porn past as juicy as it seems? I'd only seen Idol Country (it's mislabeled on VHS somewhere in my box-o-old-porn. I'll have to dig it up.)

Maybe somebody online is posting actual clips of his sexploits? That'd be hot.

So, I went to EZ-Board's World of Men, because a pal said they had a lot of hot sex clips and pics. I posted a request, along with a link to my now infamous post. I got some rather negative replies, but mostly positive. The worst:

"Tom's blog is a vicious attack on another person, pretty much throwing every object he can lay his hands on..."

Uh, okay.

Why are facts always "vicious" to conservatives, particularly conservative gays?

Ted Haggart? Tom Foley? Scooter Libby? The FACTS of their lies got out; how is that "vicious?"

I simply assembled what was already coming out last week in other places.

In an audio interview linked here, Fox's Colmes takes Matt to task over his own distortion and omissions in his story.

And (crypto-fascist Libertarian fucktwit Jeffy Protein JizzDumb blogger, take note) Matt says HE WASN'T OUTED; IT WAS ALREADY OUT THERE.

It's not private info when a guy makes dozens of porn tapes. It's not private when he's a well-known and popular hustler in three-four major cities, especially when he has a website to prove it.

It's not private when he then gets a cushy non-combat PR job (after getting a job with a "refridgeration unit" in Brooklyn), and goes on rightwing TV shows complaining about his "abuses" at the hands of a few antiwar activists, and publicizes this miniscule event as if it were the seige of Troy.

It's not private when he then gets an award for this "bravery" at a highly publicized event where even frickin' Dick Cheney spoke, and sociopathic rightwing fistpuppet Ann Coulter called a Democratic presidential candidate a "faggot."

It's not private. Not at all. Blaming a guy who simply put the wacky puzzle pieces together is absurd.

Matt knew this would come out, anticipated it, and is making the most of it. And his rollercoaster ride of disjointed PR is no Spartan loss or victory.

Matt says "porn is too liberal." I'm just going to enjoy that quote for a long time, and eagerly await his line of "conservative porn." Not that I'll view it, considering how much of the GOP, Bushco and the freakass "Libertarianism" is just downright obscene without being sexual.

Okay, here's a Libertarian who makes some sense; from the comments on Marine Times:

A person’s honor and integrity character is what really makes a Marine and so far, Sanchez has yet to exhibit a shred of honor or integrity in an interview or anything he has written. He has based his fledgling writing career on morality and honesty while lying to himself, his political friends, and the would-be readers of his yet to be published book. When he gets caught in a lie or taken to task he continues to lie and cast blame some more. He refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions. He blames the gay community, the liberals, or anyone else who questions him as opposed to facing a mirror and seeing that he is the cause for his problems. There is no way in hell I would want to have served with someone like Cpl. Matthew Sanchez. Not due to his race, creed, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation but because of his arrogance and weakness; the two most dangerous traits a person can have in combat.

He owes the men and women of our armed forces a lot of hell of a lot more respect than what he has exhibited in the past week. He certainly does not represent the military that I proudly served and has not put forth a shred of evidence that we should find him a great American. America is a land of freedom, opportunity, and equal opportunity for all of her citizens. Sanchez has made his belief perfectly clear that only his political party is deserving of that opportunity and be damned the rest. If he were a real man and a true Marine he’d see that he owes an apology to everyone he has blamed for his own misgivings and deceived. Neither the gay blogging community or the Democrats can be blamed for anything that has happened or will to Matthew Sanchez. He is the only one at fault.

Not that it should matter but for the record I am heterosexual by birth, Christian by grace, and politically a registered Libertarian by choice.

- USMC 98/06 Semper Fidelis

So, Matt claims he's no longer gay, yet was allegedly hooking up with guys only weeks ago. Whatever his current sexuality, if he didn't like being a whore or porn performer, fine. Don't blame the entire Democratic Party for Chi Chi LaRue not hiring good fluffers.

In the world outside Matt's, Gay Life is not a porn set. Gay Sexuality is not a monetary transaction. I don't doubt that he probably got his cushy Marine job via a NYC sex hook-up or client in the military.

And still, nobody on that porn board had clips. Sigh. So, I broke down and bought a few cheaper $9.00 DVDs of his porn videos. I look forward to seeing more of Matt's best work. Funny, as I was shopping, the price of one of his DVDs jumped by $20. Smart, guys. (I went to another seller who hadn't been so clever.)

Rightwingers saying that this was his "dark past" or "indiscretion" is predictable. They prefer a trumped up "hero" who uses a Marine uniform as his latest macho drag. And they love their ex-gays, no matter how fraudulent.

But people on a porn board saying that this was his "dark past" or "indiscretion" is not just hypocrisy, it's idiocy.

They post images of fitness models who've done porn, essentially "outing" their varied careers, which, ain't no secret if you just look at a recent issue of Men's Fitnes and LPI's Men. What's the difference, other than the hilarious rightwing ironic comedy?

Well, there's a lot more cocks and butts here, instead of just dicks and assholes.

For plenty more of that on both sides, visit Matt's blog. He's being good about letting detractors post on his blog, which has, expectedly, taken off like wildfire.

And that's what he wanted all along, and hey, good luck to him. He may think he's the Trojan Horse, but perhaps more of a used Trojan.

He's going to be ego-surfing for a long time, and with a PR job, he'll do fine after he gets booted from the Marines he's so heartily defended.

As Matt says, thanks to Wikipedia, "Students from now until the end of time will be able to reference me in their papers."

Yeah, Matt, you're just that important. Totally, like immortal. And it has nothing to do with your amazing cum shots. You look great, though. Really.

But you might not wanna start posing for the statue you think will be built in your honor.


Monty said...

smug: Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one's situation; self-righteously complacent


I want to thank you. Thank you for the explosive commentary you have administered in the Rod "Minors" saga. Thank you for exposing Matt Sanchez and the hypdocrisy that encapsulates his life. Thank you for providing a forum in which one can read and ingest the greatness of gay porn and it's bastard children.

My main reason for posting is that I am sick and tired of the Conservative smugness that has enveloped so many "righteous" beings such as Matt Sanchez. They catagorize us as liberals or faggots and we are expected to hide in the shadows and let them control the floor. Well, FUCK THEM and THE GOD-DAMN HORSE THEY RODE IN ON!

This group of self-doting elistist are pissed that when we add 2+2 we equal 4. Mateo did gay porn...numerous amounts of gay porn. Mateo sold himself as the poster child for Military Abuse Conducted by Liberals and HanO'ReilAnnkin loved him for it. Tough shit that your porn past caught up with your NeoCon Present. Deal with it!!

Investigative journalism has be reborn in the way of individual bloggers and I thank you Tom for that! Keep up the good work!

Joe T. said...

I enjoyed the historical references, but when it comes right down to it: If an army of homo-murdering Iranians was invading the U.S., I'd much rather have Matt Sanchez (and even Ann Coulter!) fighting beside me than joe.my.god and some band of Manhattan effetes.

Tom Bacchus said...

Considering Matthew's never had any weapons training (except posing nude with a sword), but has done PR and worked in a "refridgeration unit," while in the Marines, he would be good at providing press releases, ice and cold sandwiches.

Oh, and "excellent top" services, should he choose to rely on his previous career's skills. He could be a one-man USO for the troops!

As for the blond wench (whose column was just dropped by three more publications), what would she do, call them names? Show off her bony flanks to scare them?

"Effetes" like myself, however, know how to shoot a gun, and have training in martial arts to protect you and your pals from such a preposterous "invasion."

However, a better protection against such delusional scenarios would perhaps be a psychotropic medication, and a break from watching Fox News. Consult your doctor.

Pookie65 said...

Having Matt Sanchez fighting beside you might not be a bad thing. Piss Miss Thang off bad enough and she'd go all Paris Hilton on their ass. Yea, you'd be OK. Having Matt Sanchez fighting behind you is a different story. Your hot, sweaty, ass might start looking pretty damn good after a while... Then again you may be into that sort of thing.

Willy said...

Tom, nice work on Sanchez.

Did you notice that he's no longer allowing comments? I suspect this might be for two reasons. First, they were running heavily against him. Second, he was asked a bunch of specific questions in those threads that put him in a difficult spot. Stuff like, "Within the past year, have you maintained a profile on Manhunt or any other gay social networking site?"

My reaction to Sanchez was first to laugh at him and the wingnuts for having fallen for his act. But then I got a bit upset, because I have a gay marine friend who was very badly wounded in Iraq and think it's pretty fucked up to have the likes of Sanchez being the public face of gay marines.

To me, it's not really a partisan issue. That stuff is tangential. What matters most to me is phoniness of the whole thing. If Sanchez were a Democrat posting as an antiwar marine, I'd find it just as amusing and offensive.

See, there are plenty of gay marines (and soliders, airmen and sailors) out there who have served honorably, and some who are heroes for real. Sanchez has insulted them, and since I'm friends with one of those people I don't take kindly to the likes of Matt Sanchez.

Joe T. said...

I don't know about you, Tom Bacchus, or where you live, but I'll still take Sanchez and Coulter over the Manhattan effetes in an invasion (though, if that's preposterous, I would rather have had them on my side when I fought off that gang of hiphop homobashing thugs on the subway). Joe.my.god and his crew remind me of those creepy old coots in "Rosemary's Baby", with that strangely ghettoized sinister Manhattan softness. They haven't upset any conservatives, nor pointed out anything that negates Sanchez' causes. All they've done is tattle and- perhaps- make a good man-of-adventure lose his job. (jtlooking@aol.com)

Pookie65 said...

Agreed with Willy. Thomas has offered up a researched, well docummented, very-adult version of the Sanchez serial. JMG has done a good job as well. In this case it's basically the facts speaking for themselves. There is no doubt that had Matt Sanchez been a liberal there would be FULL BLOWN media exposure. Anything right of center is pretty much ignored by the MSM.

I'm grateful for the grass roots efforts of folks like Thomas. And I'd consider myself fortunate to have the support of Thomas & Joe.
Polar opposite of Matt & Ann these guys are passionate in exposing hypocracy and remaining fiercely loyal to the gay community.

Again, Thomas your research efforts are appreciated.

robert said...

the aspect of this story i still see as under-reported is about the columbia event where matt and his bud got so offended by the anti-war undergrads (were they identified a socialist
campus group?) i mean, where can anyone go in
at work, in life, at school, etc. where you don't encouter critics and conflict? i mean i spend every day fielding criticism from everyone! the all volunteer u.s. military is in place to ...do what?... FIGHT!
yeah yeah protect us from terra too, but when i watched the fox news hannity and colmes interview clip last week and saw sanchez saying that he and his table came under fire with names like 'baby killers,' i was like SO WHAT!
being called names in front of (i believe he said)
TWO HUNDRED columbia students watching (?) what would he do in a REAL conflict? I just don't get how anyone would expect any sympathy from the school or even from the tough guy repubs
for this! It's INCREDIBLE and embarassing that o'rielly and hannity treated him like a seventh grader being made fun of for seeming - errr -
being ... let's say thin and bookish...
i mean being a porn performer and escort requires dealing with a LOT worse than that, doesn't it?

Willy said...

This posting from the comment thread on the Marine Corps Times website says it all:

Mr. Sanchez you have nothing to worry about if you have told the truth, and everything to worry about if you have lied. And, I’m sorry to say, if you have lied you have a difficult road ahead. Any Marine who has participated in illicit activities while serving in this great and time honored institution should be routed out in the most efficient manner.

My family’s history in serving in the military during time of war goes back to our Nation’s very roots--we are a founding family of this country. My ancestors have fought in every major battle since the 1600s and their heroism is well recorded. I myself am a third generation Marine. My family has not given its blood these nearly 400 years so unrepentant tale telling prostitutes can drape their bodies in the sacred garments of one of our most hallowed and prestigious institutions.

It sickens and saddens me to think that someone would disparage my Marine Corps in such a dishonest way and I pray that, you, Mr. Sanchez have not done this. I should also point out that I don’t think it even matters if you’re Gay or not (many great men of war have been bisexual of homosexuals). What matters here is if you’re telling the truth--or not. If you have lied then fess up now, don’t continue you’re descent into a self-created hell.

I remember when I was station at Camp Pendleton there was a fake headstone in the courtyard of building that read ‘Death before Dishonor’. Mr. Sanchez, think long and hard about the significance of that statement. It’s not just the Marine Corps that stands ready to judge your actions, it’s our entire Nation.

Washington, DC

Tallulah Morehead said...

Thanks for this great report on the hot-but-moronic fool, the former Rod Majors. So Rod is a tool.

I found this posting via a link posted by Tom Bacchus on the Just Us Boys site.

Sigh. Now what do I do with all these old VHS tapes of Rod I have had for the 13 years since I met him, at a mostly-Republican-free gay porn awards ceremony in Los Angeles in 1994? They're still hot, and tossing them out wouldn't hurt that fool.

Tom Bacchus said...

Ooh, which movies?

I think they might become collectors items; odd collectors items, but still...

Perhaps you can get a pal to copy them to DVD or uploadable mpgs, and share clips online?

Matthew said...

I absolutely love your blog. You're like a crazy ranter who isn't crazy and isn't ranting. Everything makes sense. Porn and brains. Perfect. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how these repuglicans can't take what they dish out.

Willy said...

I've seen postings on the Internet, and heard referenced on the Alan Colmes radio show, ad(s) by Matt in the New York Blade placed in 2004. Maybe other publications too. The Blade offers voicemail with their ads, and I was hoping that maybe that feature includes a greeting from the escort or masseur.

My aim is to compile evidence -- facts, not suppositions -- concerning Sanchez's flesh trading in the recent past. If the stuff about his running "massage" ads in 2004 is true and can be proven, then we'll be able to say for a fact that he was renting out his meat while he was serving as a Marine Corps reservist. (Side note: He is now a civilian whose IRR -- Individual Ready Reserve -- status carries no involvement or obligation with the USMC other than to report address changes.)

It would also help greatly if anyone can offer documented evidence of his activities on Manhunt or other social networking sites. I already have the info about the latiohookupnyc profile on Manhunt, but thus far no one had been willing to step forward other than anonymously and say that they met him, went on a date, etc.

I've contacted Alan Colmes, the New York Blade and the site that ran the one review of "Mateo 2 - New York City" indicating an escorting date in June 2006, but have yet to receive any replies.

Anyone with useful information, by which I mean facts, personal accounts that you are willing to attach your name to or phone numbers I can call, should contact me at my e-mail address, willysnout1@yahoo.com

To get a sense of who I am and what I can do, you can take a look at a site I put together about the people from San Francisco who were lost in the mountains in Oregon just after Thanksgiving. I took a very close look at all the evidence, and published the definitive account of those events. I can do that here, too, but I must have facts.

That site, which again I stress is unrelated to Sanchez but just shows my approach on something like this when I really get serious, is:


And again, my e-mail address is


If I get some help, I'll pursue it. But I cannot do it all by myself, and I cannot just make shit up out of whole cloth. I need facts. Not opinions and not advice, just facts. Thanks much.

Willy said...

Matt Sanchez: A Possible Solution

Here is how the Marine Corps could invalidate Sanchez's enlistment on the grounds of fraud.

Sanchez enlisted in May 2003. As part of the enlistment process he completed SF-86, a form that requires the following: List your employment activities, beginning with the present (#1) and working back 7 years. You should list all full-time work, part-time work, military service, temporary military duty locations over 90 days, self-employment, other paid work, and all periods of unemployment. The entire 7-year period must be accounted for without breaks, but you need not list employments before your 16th birthday. EXCEPTION: Show all Federal civilian service, whether it occurred within the last 7 years or not.

It appears that his performances as "Rod Majors" occurred prior to the 7-year cutoff. However, in 2001 he advertised his services as a prostitute. Unless he disclosed his prostitution business, which would certainly qualify as "self-employment" for the purposes of SF-86, he committed enlistment fraud. The reason it is fraudulent that, if he has disclosed the nature of his self-employment he could have been excluded for reasons of questionable moral character and/or under the regulations implementing the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" policy.

Note that the Marine Corps does not need base a finding of fraudulent enlistment on DADT. If it so chose, the USMC could do is base any declaration of fraudulent enlistment on the miscellaneous provision barring enlistment by persons of "questionable moral character." Permitting homosexuals to enlist in the military services does not mean that they must open their doors to pornography "actors" or prostitutes.

Fraudulent enlistment is a crime under Article 83 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The military has a history of prosecuting this crime, including when it has been committed by omitting information from the SF-86. The enlistment DD4/1 makes this clear. Enlistees sign their name directly below these words on the form: 13a. My acceptance for enlistment is based on the information I have given in my application for enlistment. If any of that information is false or incorrect, this enlistment may be voided or terminated administratively by the Government, or I may be tried by Federal, civilian, or military court, and, if found guilty, may be punished.

In my opinion:

1. The Marine Corps will get little, if any, argument from gay civilians if it revokes Sanchez's enlistment. If the USMC uses the prohibition on enlistments by persons of questionable moral character as the reason, rather than DADT, I think the Corps will win some goodwill for doing so.

2. The Marine Corps should consider threatening Sanchez with an Article 83 prosecution if he is ever seen in public, or in a future video production, wearing the uniform of any U.S. military service, or clothing resembling such a uniform.

3. Matt Sanchez offends and embarrasses the living hell out of me. (Sorry, couldn't help saying it.)

Tom Bacchus said...

Wow; amazing research. Good work. I hope you post this on other blogs that post about Mr. (not Cpl!) Sanchez.

Try posting on his blog, too; although he censors/moderates his.

Willy said...

I have (attempted) to post this on his blog, and he has censored it. Not surprising at all, really. I do think he's getting worried, because he went to the "Wayback Machine," the blogging archive outfit, and successfully requested that they remove his old man-whore site from their archives.

Funny thing about that is that all he has accomplished is to make it harder for the uninitiated to find the evidence. If the Marine Corps launches its investigation as I suspect they will, they can use a webcrawler that ignores the requests not to archive. They'll find it in 30 seconds flat, and be able to run the voiceprint comparisons that I've mentioned.

If I were the USMC's investigator, I'd start by calling Matt in for a chat. I would put him under oath, tell him the penalties for perjury and ask him to detail his prostitution activities in full, including the dates he was doing it.

Sanchez is a pretty stupid guy, but I don't think he's dumb enough to lie under oath to a Marime Corps investigator. If the USMC does this, Matt Sanchez will be history in no time flat.

In the meantime, it would be good if you or anyone you know could obtain and post copies of his "massage" ads in the New York Blade and/or any other gay publications. He acknowledged all of this in his Alan Colmes interview but I have yet to see any j-pegs of the ads anywhere.

Of course, the motherlode would be if people would be willing to go on the record with places and dates of "service," but that's probably too much to expect. For now, I think the ads would help. I e-mailed Colmes and the New York Blade about it but they never responded. I live in Seattle, so it's not like I can saunter down to someone's offices for a chat.