Julian's Salad: Hot for Teacher

First off, I want to clarify that I did NOT out this guy (he's not gay, allegedly, just an exhibitionistic hunk). The New York Daily News and Gothamist reported that Playgirl and Men Magazine model du season Julian Fantechi is under fire -but not fired- at his Queens NY teaching job for being too instructive with his own anatomy, in magazines.

Doing clothed modeling's no big deal. And artsy nudes (gallery removed) are another.

Still, call me a prude, but a school teacher shouldn't pose nude with such an amazingly smooth tantalizing erection. Not that I didn't want to see a few of my hot male teachers nekkid. "It's totally separate," Fantechi said of his teaching job. "I haven't done anything that I'm ashamed of."

Except perhaps a bit of excess manscaping.

At least he isn't like all those perverted heterosexual females who seduce their underage students. Of course, if he was my teacher, I would have been the one seducing him, but I'd probably have to get in line.

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Pookie65 said...

Hot. Very, very hot.