Full Moon Fourgy

It's tough not to get every hole plugged in a four-way. If you've never tried it, do. It's better than a threeway, which sometimes devolves into a duo with a watcher. With a fourway, everybody gets somethin'!

I won't say whether I enjoyed the full moon by enjoying a few moons. But I did have a good time.

For example, in this fourway, I only get the hots for two of the four guys. But lots of guys seem to like Brad Patton. I prefer the little duck-faced goateed pig bottom. What's his name again? I was downloadng segments of a video where he gets gangbanged by almost a dozen Black guys, but that blog was shut down before I could get them all. He seems sweet. Oh, and hairy Arpad, of course. Everybody likes him. But the goateed bottom really makes the scene, with his youthful moans of surprise and enthusiasm. That's acting!

(Links to this video are long gone.)

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Tallulah Morehead said...

The movie where little Dean Monroe gets plowed by 8 black men is "Blackballed 4:Starfucker", one of the finest motion pictures ever shot on video. I have a DVD of it, and I cherish it. I reviewed it slightly in my own blog entry "Excuse Me" in January 2007.

Dean Monroe is a litttle hottie, and loves dick nearly as much as I do.