So, apparently Leighton Stultz is a very popular model, I previously posted some nude pics of him that were unfortunately censored in a manner that made them resemble light switches. Gossip says that the pics will soon be in Playgirl, now it's known that it'll be the June issue; just in time for Pride Month! Julian Fantechi is the Man of the Year, and will pose yet again.

Well, I just happened to stop by OMG Blog and enjoyed two short videos of the Vite Spiate Italian studs taking a shower after some apparent paintball fun. Andrea's the hottie, but Rudy's pretty cute too, especially when he strokes his little dick to a nice, but unimpressive erection. I've had sex with lots of Italians, and really, size doesn't matter.

That blog led me to a message board where a few of the eagerly awaited uncensored frontal nudes of El Stultzo were posted. As I downloaded a third pic, the post was literally wiped clean of the pics. So it was very fortunate of me to have happened to stop by!

So, Leighton! Well, let's just say he's an enormous talent!

But someone on Hunk Next Door (link gone) said: "he is also a homophobe who is happy to allow his career to be boosted by "our kind," but doesn't appreciate the attention from a bunch of FAGS."

And his "manager" seems to spend all day hunting down online posted pics of his "client" and making threats to remove pics, which seems to be happening a lot. No doubt the manager will use up all Stultzy's money once the dong pics make the rounds!

All the more reason to post nude pics of him. I'm not sure how well his acting career - or clothed modeling - will go, now that his gargantuan elephant schlong is going to be publicly enjoyed. I mean really, who's going to look at clothes or whatever he says now that we all know he's got a literal Grade A faucet?

And the curvature? Well, I'm sure some "person," as he calls "people" he's attracted to -notice how in an interview he doesn't mention girls- would be accommodating to whatever position is required to slurp that monstah cock down or take it up any orifice.

He reminds me of a guy from a sports camp I went to in my youth; big tall lanky shy guy, and everyone made jokes in the shower about the length of his dong, even under a cold shower.

I didn't. We had a nice heart to heart over a campfire, and I took him aside and helped him out. He was very appreciative.

By the way, the technique for accommodating a faucet dick is basically a move not unlike bobbing your head yes, over and over and over again.

I don't know what all the fuss about un-posting the pics is about; the moment the Playgirl's out, the pics will literally be flying all over the net.

And Stultz fans will be nodding, yes, over and over and over again.

UPDATE: Leighton's pics in Playgirl were posted at IcarusPerfectMen (link is gone)

Considering the enormity of his, uh, talent, it's disappointing that there are no butt shots, nor full-mast images. It's basically him sitting and standing nude half-erect; not that Leighton's half-erect isn't bigger than most at full mast.


hollatme001 said...

GAWDDAMN! I had no bloody idea that Leighton was hung like an Italian racehorse!

Looks like his "handlers" are going around to all of the sites on the web and getting these goodies taken down... the two pics you had that were linked to another site have disappeared...

Looking to see more and more...

Hunk said...

Tom, You may be right about following in Mr. Rex's footsteps. It seems that he is now camming on a cam site offering VIP cams shows at $11.00 per minute. Hmmm, so thats all it cost to see him "perform". Well, I guess Playgirl was the first step in his budding career in Porn. You may want to check him out on Muscle Stud Cams he is camming under the name Chris.