I Like Mike

Mike Mentzer
was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. If Bob Weider hadn't fixed the Mr. Olympia contests for his ho, er, "client" er, personal protege Arnold Schwarzenegger, we wouldn't have to have suffered through all those Terminator movies; well, those weren't so bad, but the Conan ones? Okay, the rest of them like Jingle All the Way sucked.

And just think, "Kolly-fournya" wouldn't be enduring a cartoon governator now, if Mike had won fair and square.

Here's a video of Mike
posing on the beach. He never posed fully nude, but I think you can tell he had a huge, uh, talent, and even in just a bikini, he was incredibly studly.

I think the mustache had something to do with it; Mike resembled a classic early 20th century muscle man. He and his brother had a natural erotic appeal. Undeniable, no matter what your sexual direction.

Sadly, they both died within days of each other in 2001. For more about Mike, go HERE.

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