So, in all my excitement about my scifi-rotica book Q-FAQ's forthcoming release (Amazon says Oct 2007, but it's actually coming out in June; WAIT until you see the cover!!), I forgot to mention a fun sexy anthology in which I have a sexy story, called "Shoot."

His Underwear is an anthology of fictional and real stories by gay men with a common obsession/fetish; underwear!

His Underwear: An Erotic Anthology takes a provocative look at the underwear fetish that is prevalent among gay men. This sexy collection offers erotic takes on the sexual attraction of underwear--and the men who wear it--when underwear plays the starring role in everything from pro wrestling fantasies to lonesome nights in the bunkhouse to a high school reunion. Boxers, briefs, and bikinis inspire steamy encounters in locker rooms, laundry rooms ... even department store changing rooms, in no-holds-barred action that includes jocks, cowboys, and altar boys!

Okay, I don't have an underwear obsession, but I had a fun story ready when the editor queried me. "Shoot" is actually only a third of a novella about a certain handsome Italian supermodel named Tony Saturday, and how I wrangled a pair of shorts from him after a photo shoot for a famous line of skivvies. enjoying the well-packed contents of those famous shorts is the stuff of fiction...at least that's what I have been advised to tell my readers.

My story is the last one in the book, which in Vaudeville terms, means I'm the headliner. But this ain't Vaudeville, it's publishing;

Here's a "review" of sorts, from NY's Edge writer Steve Weinstein, who spends the entire "review" blathering about his own perspective on a brief (get it?) history of underwear itself; superfluous blather. Thanks, Steve, ya doof. He doesn't even cite any specific story, least of all mine, so he probably didn't even read it.

I haven't found any other reviews of it yet, but gay erotica usually sells itself.

Hmm, so, who could this certain Italian supermodel -with a huge uncut cazzo, I might add- be? I'm not telling, am I?

You'll have to BUY and read the book!

No, one of these pics is not him; just looks like him. Hey, I had to get a boner shot in here.


mouloudor@ma said...

I love Antonio Sabbato Jr... Thanks

Tom Bacchus said...

Really; it's almost worth sitting through 'Testosterone' just to momentarily see his swinging dick. To think, all the years I longed to see that cock!