So I enjoy Celeb Athlete Birthday Suits so much, I joined its brother Yahoo group, Male Celeb Birthday Suits, which focuses on actors and male celebrities, as maked as they've been documented (18+ Yahoo profile required to join).

It's a great way to keep up on male celebs, if you like to know how nekkid they've gotten before a camera. Like many others, I get that special warm feeling inside seeing the human body, particularly if it's someone famous. Who can say why? Fame has an attraction, especially when the famous show their dicks and butts.

One guy who's always had a special place in my groin is Bill Cable, and thanks to this group, I found out that today would be his birthday (born May 2, 1946), if he hadn't died in a motorcycle crash in 1998.

Sad to know that had this stud worn a helmet, he might be alive today.

Of course, you may know him from the famous "Victoriana" photo shoot in a 1974 Playgirl, in which he posed nude with the model-actress who later became Elvira. Cool.

But before that, Bill posed nude in late issues of Physique Pictorial, and in an early issue of Colt magaine's special publication devoted solely to him! Like the short silent film, now on DVD as Rip Colt's Private Files, and the obscure 80s gay porn flick Bijou, Bill, despite being quite hung, never gets a stiff hard erection in these shoots.

In the trippy 80s gay porn film Bijou, he seems out of it in a sloppy 4-man orgy scene, and never really has sex or does anything. Sad. In the Rip Colt shorty, he only lounges about a pool, and only in the last shot, gets hard while feigning phone sex with another guy (shot elsewhere.)

He had bit parts in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (as a cop with like one line), and as the murdered guy in the thriller Basic Instinct, which ended up known more for its protests by gay activists at the 1990(?) Academy Awards.

But a few lesser known credits for Bill Cable include a few hardcore straight photo shoots in which he proves his interest in the female of the species, and one lost hardcore flick by Carlos Tobalina, called Last Tango in Acapulco. It's allegedly a ripoff of Marlon Brando's Last Tango in Paris, but with him in real X-rated scenes with porn actress Becky Sharpe. Too bad no copies of it exist that I know of. I'd pay plenty to see Bill in some hot fucking action.

Bill must have gotten along with Tobalina, because he later wrote an R- or X-rated film What's Love? I read somewhere it's a precursor to Boogie Nights, a porn about making porn. Man, where the hell are these movies?

Last I heard, Bill had been - get this- been pals with Christian Brando, Marlon's son, providing him with drugs and women, (downward spiral, anyone?) and was with him when the young Brando accidentally killed Frances Ford Coppolla's son in a speedboat crash.

Anyway, his life was filled with sexuality and controversy; he posed happily in fashion ads for campy underwear and caftans, with a boner, and in tamer stuff.

All the while, he remains one of the most handsome models of the 20th century, if I do say so.

And I do.

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