Aaron his Flavor

What happens to ex-porn actors? It seems some of them just all of a sudden go ex-gay!

Aaron Austin, shapely muscular top, bottom and expert cocksucker, is now, apparently straight and married and a dad.

This hideous MySpace page is his. Warning; lots of cheesy graphics and car images. It's like an Extreme Home Makeover for a ten year old boy.

Speaking of which, I wonder when Aaron, excuse me Eric, aka "Flex" is going to have to have that talk: "Well, son, when daddy was younger, he liked to lick men's butts and stuff his cock in their faces for a living. But now he loves mommy a lot. He really does. He never liked doing all that sex over and over again with men, his balls being licked by a hot hairy stud, his erect cock sliding in and out of a hot tight muscular ass. Nope, he doesn't do that any more."

Aaron now manages a fitness center somewhere in Cathedral City, you know that's the non-gay part of Palm Springs. You can read his minimal blog, where he discusses his "carreer" (sic). His profile even has a few non-nude pics from his "modeling days." Yeah, modeling always involves rimming, fellatio and multiple ejaculations.

Now he's a character on Zwinky instead SuckyDinky.

Oh well, no great loss. He was always pretty but rather boring as a performer.

At least he gets to show off his muscles for another good reason. I of course doubt he ever just gets the urge to peel off his Spandex and have a wank session in the showers, as he did in about a dozen of his porn videos.

Unless perhaps for a private training session.


Anonymous said...

Well, he is one of the many whom I've wondered about. Yes, always hot, but I only recall one or two memorable scenes.

Lighthouse said...

who cares about him? Yellow cowardice!!!

mattrett said...

Well, as long as he is not preaching that he is ex-gay (I didn't see that on the page), I'm okay with him. Poor guy seems to be raising his autistic son alone. But if he were to say "I'm not gay" etc. then...Hey, on a different note, I finally added links to my blog. Thanks for linking me in the past—I linked yours first thing. Matt/Boy Culture (http://www.boyculture.typepad.com)