In the spirit of Halloween, here's Mario Lopez, nearly naked, at a party at the La Playboy Mansion. Gee, I wonder if Mario got all hot and bothered in that skimpy costume, and got a stiff boner, then his costume fell off from the pressure, and he ended up dancing naked for the ladies, perhaps becoming so overpowered with lust that he jacked off for them, or fucked a few Playmates in front of an appreciative audience?

Probably not. But he is a slut. Since we can't see pics of that, here's his porn equivalent, Fernando Leone, from a hot hot strip routine he did a few years ago at a nightclub he ran a few years back.

Many a Halloween I've dressed in a skimpy or superhero outfit, met up with another hot guy in similar drag, then had hot sex in costume. I mean, what else is Halloween for but tricks and treats?

Rarely have I spent a Halloween watching a hot uncut stud jack off, suck his own dick and ejaculate on stage, as Fernando expertly did (at some European nightclub) in these pics and the video below, but it's nice to have goals.


mrpeenee said...

If you have an ass like Mario Lopez, you have an obligation to be a slut.

Tom Bacchus said...

Yes, but when will he be MY slut??