Prison Jizzin'

Here's one I started, but forgot. The news is a few weeks old:

Some stupid ass Florida female prison guard's been spying on prisoners jacking off and the stupid cunt is so offended by it she's ended up getting the cons prosecuted!

Coryus "Spanky" Veal can't keep her nosey eyes off eight whackin' cons, and she's gotten her pushy self into the tiny bit of privacy the guys have.

Justice went blind, says one columnist. One case was dismissed, and hopefully the others will, too. For Terry Lee Alexander, he gets 60 extra days of a 10-year prison sentence, thanks to nosy cunt Veal.

Here's a hint, stupid bitch; stop watching the prisoners masturbate! Stupid cunt.

This is just one of dozens of cases of stupid ass Florida cops assaulting people, sexually harassing civilians, even assaulting each other.

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Robguy said...

That's insane - the guard should be sent to work as an inmate.