Aaron Your Favor

Who would think it would take a Liquid Plumr commercial for me to discover the hottest model ever?

Aaron O'Connell is one of the two hot plumbers in the latest silly sexy commercial from the drain cleaner product.

Aaron's one of the hottest models around, as this deliciously obsessive Tumblr fan blog shows. He makes the most boring sweater seem sexy wwhen he's wearing it.

Loganotron also has a nice gallery, with fewer fully clothed pics.
Oh, he also sings and plays music.

Like that guitar on the wall?
You'll probably like it better with his big thick cock next to it.
Hey, if you're gonna pose nude, do it for Bruce Weber.

Or someone else:

Apparently, he likes pussy:

That's okay. We like cock; his.

Here's our hunk rolling around in underwear:

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