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So, I'm a little late to the table on this. But apparently it's a big sexy deal that Italian TV actor and sexy model Fernando Vitale took a break from his network drama job to make a hardcore porno.

The gay Italian sex and pop culture blog Gayburg has a few posts about Fernando.

Here's Fernando in action.
From what I can translate with my lousy Italian and Google Translate, he also did some gay modeling. Apparently, fucking broads disproved the rumors that he's gay.

wait. I got it wrong. He wants to appeal to his gay fans, so he's doing a jackoff scene. I Think.

A smorzare la fantasia di chi lo vedrebbe volentieri coinvolto in scene homosex a luci rosse, però, arriva una sua dichiarazione in cui spiega più nel dettaglio i suoi progetti riguardo alle scene dedicate ai gay: «Per soddisfare anche le numerose richieste del pubblico femminile e del pubblico gay, ho inserito una mia scena di auto erotismo».

...which roughly translates to:

To dampen the imagination of those who would see it willingly engaged in homosex scenes red light, however, comes a statement that explains in more detail its plans for the scenes devoted to gay: "To satisfy the many requests from the public and the female the gay audience, I put my car erotic scene. "
Here he is fucking two gals:

Here's a link to the whole damn movie. Che cazzo!

Here's a link to his flick, social Network (It's got nothing to do with Facebook, except for faces buried in asses and pussies.)

Frankly, I don't care if he fucked a houseplant. The guy's hot! If only more mainstream actors would plow some holes on video, the entertainment world would be a lot more interesting.

(Shhh: link here)
who needs michael Fassbender when this guy does it all! As SNL's Master Thespian would say, "That's ACTing!!"

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