Fading Stars

Good news and bad; updates on the porn studs I've highlighted:

Dakota Cochrane, aka Sean Cody fuck bunny Danny (see my prior Cock Reign)
, has gotten some major media exposure for exposing his tight little butt! Cochrane (his real and quite appropriate name) has cum, er, come clean with the UFC about his porn past, and the media, months late, as usual, has caught up now that he's in some reality show MMA competition.
In new interviews, Dakota/Danny calls his multiple hot fuck scenes "a mistake." See, he was "broke" at the time. And we all know every 20 year old twink has no alternative but to perform hot gay sex in front of a camera, and make that hot wankable mistake over, and over and over and over again.

The upside of his dismissive barely veiled contempt for homosexuality is that the UFC is okay with his "mistake." Why wouldn't they be? There is no such thing as bad publicity in show biz, and no doubt a few thousand more viewers will be attracted to seeing a former ass bandit duke it out, clothed even.

In worse news, another porn hottie has died. Dror Barak, aka Roman Ragazzi, has allegedly committed suicide. (See my previous post, Top Dror)
Barak worked in the administrative offices of the Israeli consulate while moonlighting as a "model" and gay porn star, and was "outed" by the New York Post a while back.

The Interwebs are predictably aflame with mutual recriminations and flung textual feces. How dare they "out" someone who pretty obviously outed himself by getting voluntarily schtupped on camera, they scream? Even Barak's first director, Colin O'Neill, aka Shawn Loftis, got "outed" for being in porn, and fired from a teaching job. Gee, what a surprise!

I'm sorry for his passing, and he was possibly fucked up, along with getting fucked. It's really sad when someone who seemingly has a great life being in porn and being, well, hot, can't handle whatever it was that hurt him so much.

But really, blaming porn for his end? People make decisions in life. and if you choose to suck a wiener or twelve, or a hundred-fifty, on camera, that's your decision. Don't blame the predictably unfeeling and unsympathetic human sex industry for not treating you like a king.

But seriously; if you're feeling depressed, or if you've naively done porn and expect no one to notice, seek professional help.

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