Almost a million

Okay, so I'm about 1500 visits away from a million!

Oops, make that 1400.

Pretty neat considering this has only been a fun hobby for about a year. I'm glad so many viewers and readers have enjoyed perusing the pics and occasional videos.

Thanks to all the bloggers who've linked me.

Thanks also to a certain sociopathic whore who's turned into a bit of a lying creepy monster online.

Sometimes, someone else's foibles turn into another's (my) success. I got a lot of hits from my posts about that two-faced slut.

But mostly, it's just you, looking for some amusement with male sexuality, that I have to thank.

So, how should I celebrate my millionth visit? Hire a stripper? Go out and have hot sex? Do a little dance? Make your suggestion in the comments.

And thanks!


Scott said...

Hi Tom - thanks for linking to my article! I agree with you, posting about Sanchez usually brings in several clicks for my blog as well. I'm guessing it's because the guy is just so ridiculous and full of shit, you can't look away from the train wreck LOL.

I knew from the moment that he opened his mouth a year ago, that he was just trying to hop on the "ex-gay" gravy train, which seems to be a cash cow from the fundies. Too bad for him it won't be working out.

tomy said...
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Tom Bacchus said...

You're welcome, Scott.

Yeah, I didn't even want to type his full name; he posted a dippy comment on my blog and I don't want him hassling me; sociopaths can be relentless!

Scott said...

LOL yeah, it's best not to converse with him at all; it's like an episode of the Twilight Zone trying to understand him.