A Million Served!

Okay, a million and seven hits!

I was out and missed the big moment.

I'm so happy I could cum!

In fact, I will, soon.

And I hope you do, too!


tomy said...

nice video,i love hot boy i will add it to my profile on gaysinglehunt.com where i am looking for gay partner

Tom Bacchus said...

You'd think that after a million visits I'd get better than a hook-up site spammer..

Ah, well...

Dunkie said...

A very nice cock, and a super cum-shot. I wish all of that (nine shots of) sperm was spurting in my mouth!


drippingmushroomtip said...

i never get tired of seeing hot boys spraying their spunk all over the place... this clip is in my top 10 favorites, you rock tom!