Past Tense; Naked News

John McCain denies having fucked a lobbyist who looks like a slutty younger version of his current third wife, a drug-addled Cruela De Vil impersonator whose family skimmed money off a race track business.

Claudio Martin, one of the slutty models on the 3rd horrific season of shebitch Janise Dickenson's monstrously whorish show, did gay porn. Quelle surprise.

A girl at Japanese school was actually a man in a wig and a dress. Oh no pomo!

Gene Simmons of KISS fucks a woman; he's fat and old.

Has-been porn stud Ryan Idol
(who made a splash with a bit part in the revival of the ancient bathhouse comedy The Ritz) is part of a computer hiring charity finance ripoff scandal.

Scientology critic is murdered ...oops, commits suicide.

Some guy likes to bounce his dick in his underwear on YouTube.

Big Brother PR whore and loser sues after his daughter gets his mailed gay porn catalog.

Rioting Serbian assholes show their buttholes on TV.


Mrs Patrick Campbell said...

We wish they would turn around - a sister posted on Datalounge that Serbian sizemeat is awesome!

Tom Bacchus said...

I'm only familiar with Croatian cock, but yeah. Serbian sausage probably tastes good, too.