Melt in my Mouth


...not in your hands?

That's the old catch phrase for M&Ms. But their new one might be, "Not guilty, Your Honor."

That's because the Naked Cowboy, aka nudie model turned street performer Robert Burke, is suing M&M Mars candy conglomo for using a Times Square billboard image of an M (or the other M?) impersonating him!

The nerve!

It's hard to imagine Burke would lose $16 million from such an "appropriation" of his image, considering he begs for change and does appearances like weddings and barmitzfahs, clad in underwear, boots, and a cowboy hat, and not (deceptive advertising?) naked.

News video pop-up about the story here.

CNN even reported about it.
One thing for sure, even if he loses, he's already gotten a ton of free PR. And that's the gimmick, baby!

Of course, fans of male nudity know that Burke has already shown us his candy, in both Playgirl and a few gay magazines.

MMM, good, cum in my hands, and in my mouth!! I could lick that candy cane! That's a Mr. Goodbar! (Okay, enough with the candy-cock references.)

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