Congratulations to the writers, director and composer of Brokeback Mountain who won Oscars and all, and to the boy for being so sweet-smiling as they knew they wouldn't get one, but just having so many gay and trans characters (and George's neat lefty biopic) being nominated this year was enough to get the rightwing in a tizzy, so champagne toast to all that.

Sure, be mad that Crash won some, especially since it's rumored to be a Scientology-funded After School Special. Gee, everybody's racist!
One guy in LA (appropriately) is so pissed he wants to vent his frustration through rough sex. Well, that invitation beats the Vanity Fair party. Perhaps he might calm down after he gets some, with the lovely Willie Nelson cover of a Pansy Division song about Secret Cowboys.

Before Brokeback Mountain, a few cowboy movies had a tetch of queer leanings. Red River, fer instance, with Monty Clift's character bein' more of a man's man. Then there was Marlon Brando's wild character in One-Eyed Jacks.

But my all-time favorite cowboy scene is from the TV movie Lonesome Dove, based on the novel by Larry McMurtrey, who, of course, also co-wrote the screenplay for Lonesome Dove.

This short clip doesn't do the scene justice (damn cheap ass Windows Media; Quicktime Mpegs are better!!). But believe you me, pardner, there's some asses bouncin' and a few dicks floppin' in the saddle in this scene. As far as my close inspection proves (for research purposes, doncha know), it ain't D.B. Sweeney's cock (durnit), but it might be Barry Tubb's (he's been free with the frontals in other flicks), or just one a them cowboy extras.

Director Simon Wincer, you may recall, enjoyed filming his apparent nude horseback riding fetish in The Light Horsemen, where some soldiers enjoy a similar respite, naked on the beach (without the cows to get in the way). So, get Lonesome Dove, and pay close attention to the beggining of "Part III: The Plains." You'll see a few parts bouncin' around in the saddle.

What's funny is, this got broadcast on national TV. The night I saw it, I swear I thought I was seein' things. Jack off? I swear...

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