Who Would Jesus Top?

"Gay adult-video legend Tom Katt reclaims Christian faith and retires from erotica. Re-emerging as David Papaleo, he identifies as straight but is sickened by right-wing Bible-thumpers who preach anti-gay hatred. Papaleo’s next stop — the pulpit."

So reads this Dallas Voice article about one of the most muscular power bottoms in the history of modern pornography. While anyone who chooses to make changes in their life should be acknowledged, I wonder which of Tom's video's his new wife would enjoy most; Behind the Barn Door, Copilation, Cuming Attractions, Leather Obsession, Glory Holes 3 & 4; Cops, cocks, Cum/fuck My Ass, or probably, the most applicable, How To Get a Man in Bed.

Either way, Tom' happy grin whilst being ass-plowed wasn't method acting, so let's hope wifey's got a strap-on.

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