Cum Again

Splooge, jizz, sperm, baby batter, dick snot, cream, cum, spritz. (Yes, each of those words is a linked Rapidshare file of a guy shooting a load).

How many cumshots have you downloaded? How many do you need, want, crave?

My absolute favorite is the very popular Anthony Cums! His flirtatious look, his knowing glance, his smooth tight little body, his theatrical flair, and of course his voluminuus flying ejaculate, have made him one of the most uploaded loads in amateur porndom.

So, who is this "Anthony?" Where does he live? Who gets to lap up those leaping loads? And more important, why aren't there more clips of him around? Does he know he's be-cum so popular? Does he enjoy it? Do guys stop him on the street and say, "Nice cum load, buddy!"
I'm more than a tad curious.

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