Power Wanker

What happens to a former kid TV show actor who can't get work? It seems a few Power Rangers have done porn or a few crimes.

If you're former Red Power Ranger Austin St. John, you go to the gym a lot, become a personal trainer, and then, to show off your new and much more muscular body by, well, you masturbate for porn videographer Sean Cody!

St. John calls himself "Brock" in this video (a popular nom de porn), and shows off his gluts, pecs and more than adequate pumping function, as well as his rather fine ass. Morphin' Manly!

And, to make things better, he also did a second video in which he gets an efficient blow job, and ejaculates all over his sucker's face.

Not exactly a smooth career transition, I'd say. But it's his body, so he should be free to do with it whatever he likes. And we should be able to enjoy all his talents now that he's dispensed with the silly red tights and helmet, and well, all his clothes, every ounce of modesty, and a few ounces of his sperm.


Robert said...


Thanks for catching this one Tom.

I loved him when i was a kid watching power rangers :-)

And now i get nude piccies of him :-) YAY

Cant download the movie, its to big and im on dial up :(

But the pics will have to do :)

Thanks again Tom!


Tom said...

You're welcome. Actually, others online spotted his, um, career, change.


If you go to the Sean Cody site, you can at least download the pics. I hope you can upgrade to DSL or broadband some day. It makes downloading a lot easier.

Rob said...

Soon tom Soon, by July the phone company that screwed me two ways to tuesday will have fixed my line and i will be able to have broadband :)