Losing our Virgility

Virgil Buruiana was a championshp bodybuilder from Romania.
He died in a car crash a few years ago.

Some people don't like to think consciously about eroticizing a stud when you know he's dead. But I'm sure thatwherever Virgil is, he'd be happy if you worshipped him a little.

This clip on Youtube shows what potential and charisma he had.
Try to enjoy it on its own merits as a homage to his perfection.

Many bodybuilders seem to have small dicks. It's true they're small during competition, in those skimpy straps.

I can verify that it's often true that dicks get get quite big, even when seemingly small.

"I don't like men with too many muscles," said Janet Weiss in Rocky Horror.

Frank N. Furter's retort: "I didn't make him for you!"

This short movie shows Virgil at his most vital, erect and jacking, and disproving the small dick/steroids stereotype.

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