Softcore Sexsational

One of my guilty pleasures is softcore erotica. It's not X-rated, but often features some of the hottest men in cinema. Used to be, I'd cop a hot all-too short hump scene on Skinemax (Cinemax) or HBO. But when the Playboy Channel started flirting closer to X-rated shows, the level of sexuality increased.
The gold standard of softcore, of course, is the guys. Once limited to a few stars like Danny Pape of Jason Schnuit, the plots were limited to the usual "torrid" adulterous affairs taking place in restaurant storage rooms or tacky bedroom sets decorated by some queen obviously obsessed with Pier 1 Imports.
My all-time favorite is of course Emmanuelle in Space, which featured some of the hottest male butts in softcore history, inlcuding Paul Michael Robinson, who wins the award for the Greatest Ass in Softcore. Some extended scenes seemed to hone in on the male posterior, because of course, they didn't/couldn't show insertion or "plumbing" shots.
The fun game while watching is 1) try to spot a dick, 2) see if the guy's dick is hard, or anywhere near the gal's pussy, 3) detect a "cock sock" or fabric-type condom men wear to maintain standard union practices.
But those precautions seemed to have gone in some short films, which include hardcore porn actors getting more sexual. I wonder if sometimes they're really fucking, and just not showing it, or shooting two versions.
Either way, it's reassuring to see that at least one man is as amused (if not obsessed) by the genre as me. Mike has an exhausting array of wonderful screencaps from nearly every notable softcore cable film. Playboy's are more sexual, and one can spot a few boners, which is nice. Still, the main event is the cushiony array of muscular male asses, humping, pumping, and faking passion while grabbing silicone boobs.
The one comment I have is; if straight people always fucked like this (cocks missing pussies, and finishing off within a few minutes), it'd be a wonder any people had kids.

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