Port(hole) in any Storm

Yahoo is now letting the government sneak a peek at our online searches. So, taking a previous post where I referenced columnist Mark Morford to heart, I perused the porny possibilities at Yahoo Video search. Just looking under the word "gay" yielded a bunch of videos; TV shows making snarky commentary about gays, The Robert Smigel Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoons, and a mess of other strange offerings.

But there were a few tasty gay sex movie clips, including a Bel Ami suck and fuck scene, a daddy buttfuck, two Latino younguns fucking, and a few choice cum shots. Meanwhile, as Homeland Security thugs are bumbling through attempts to harass people in libraries, for having leftist bumper stickers, and posing a threat to our national security by downloading porn, Chimpolean is selling off our ports to Arab companies with questionable ties to terrorism.

I've always enjoyed bottoming for hot Arab guys, but Chimpy's taken it a bit too deep.

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