Midnight on the Oasis...

Interesting choice for Playgirl's March 2006 centerfold. Allegedly, one Rob Metts, heterosexual.

Amusing accompanying text. In it, Mr. Metts claims to have a special chick, talks about women, what kind of gals he prefers.

This is odd. Last saw saw, he was spooging on some guy's face.
Usually, the models end up doing gay porn. Nowadays, they just get them from gay porn. Why do they even bother with the "-Girl" anymore?

Mr. Metts is also known as Jake and Mike Roberts.

For Triga, his title is Straight Men Being Blown, in which he's fellated by a ski masked person. Is this said "chick?" Doesn't look it.

Of course, we know Jake, from the prolific Corbin Fisher, whose last Playgirl crossover stud "Jake" er, Gabe, was longdonged Breck Orshall. Looking forward to seeing him jack off twice, get sucked by and fuck his girlfriend, then pose rather less enthusiastically, yet stylishly, in Playgirl showing off his lengthy talent.
We look forward to more.

As for this Jake, he enjoyed some solo showing off, jacking his cock by a pool.
He also showed his butthole. Up close. What would a woman do with that?
Well, lots, probably. But in the Playgirl spread, he never mentions doing this!

Mike's posed for Freshman magazine, fucked and sucked in Matt Sterling's Matter of Size 2...

...and got sucked and jacked off in Body Shoppe's Reach Around Buddies 3. Maybe some other editions. There, his name is/was Angel.
Who can keep track?

After all that teasing, jacking off, and passive sex,
Mike, er Jake, er Angel, er Metts,
is now the head head-getter of Making of a Porn Star.
It's more of the same, Mike standing around jacking off and gettin' blown.

But wait. There's that ski mask sucker again.
This is the same as Straight Men Blown, which is the UK version.

Just to add to the confusion: This little Mike is not the older pornster Mike Roberts, who's done sex wrestling tapes, and god knows how many other flicks.

But to clarify, and to say that we certainly hope he'll do the same with a woman, or even a house plant, here's MikeMettsJakeAngel getting worshiped by a male twink and getting his cock sucked.

10mg RealMovie.

Whatever his name is, dude, he's cute.

But when guys suck your cock this often,
you're gay.

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Dick Dick said...

I don't quite agree with you-sex & gender are not the same.SEx Liberation aimed to provide acceptance to gays,& somehow it succeeded,but what's this, some gays are turning bigots themselves?Who said straight guys who have sex with guys,especially the commercial kind, are gays themselves? This "misery loves company" tendency of some gay sucks!Shouldn't they just be glad straight guys consent to make the lives of gays happier? Some gays are deluding themselves that it's self-hating to enjoy straight men,but what is more-self-hating than denying self-enjoyment only just to be politically correct? Why bother with half-measures if you can have the real thing?For me, a cute gay man is like a woman, I want a straight dude.Some are wondering why gayporn dived when they insisted on those gay porn stars.Well, you can always see gays having sex at the baths,why pay a DVD when everybody in it would only be gay?Really,it's all because deep down, a gay man is for the straight man. Ever wonder why Sean Cody & Corbin Fisher are laughing on their way to the bank? Straight men like Mike Roberts should be thanked for entertaining a lonely gay man & not ridiculed . Don't be a bigot,Tom