82nd AirBone

So, of course, you've heard about yet another military porn "scandal" spurting all over the news.

The 82nd Airborne has a few porny moonlighters. The web site Active Duty shoots the trained shooters shooting of their cocks instead of their guns. Their "studios" are conveniently near the North carolina base. Perfect set up for a scandal.

Can't understand why only seven studs are being singled out. Website pics I spied showed plenty more jarheads givin and getting head. The site shut down, then came back, for members only, for now. Seems more like clever marketing than a govt. scapegoat attack.

Previously, some hoohaw was made about that pathological cinema-fellator Bobby and his San Diego
marine seduction videos.
I could make some kind of
clever comparison between, say,
the Nazis night of the Long Knives and this gay purge.

But I won't. This will blow over after they find their scapegoats, and hopefully they'll tell their stories and have more sex. Hey, they got out of having to go to Iraq, I'm all for it.

I've never met a military man
who didn't like a good fuck. Besides, it's so much nicer to see soldiers sucking and fucking
instead of beating each other up
(the photo, left, is merely a training session, so eroticize it guilt-free) or killing people, even though that really is their job, eventually.

These men deserve to have their holes and poles fully serviced, even if they are in the service. The fact that they did it for money, and on tape...well, with asses like that, who blame a little moonlighting!

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