God, Grant Me

It's a little late to honor Black History Month, but this guy is so big, hopefully he'll make up for it.

Bill Grant, former Mr. America, stands proud tall, and thankfully nude in this vintage set posted by HawFilHunk at Campfire. Thank you!

Enjoy lots more pics of Bill Grant here, as well as a brief bio, on this wonderful bodybuilding champ pic site.

Like African-American gay bodybuilder and Colt model Chris Dickerson, Bill (don't know if he's gay) fortunately posed fully nude in this photo shoot years ago. To paraphrase a Janet Weiss line from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I don't usually like my men with too many muscles, but sometimes, along with the beefcake, a palpable sensuality accompanies all those well-proportioned muscles. In other words, I'd lick every ripple of Bill's body, suck him all night, and let him fuck me before, during, and after a heavy workout!

Download a hot funny vintage movie of Bill Grant playing royalty (in what resembles a Burger King crown) in a vintage (Bob Mizer, I think) film with tasty full frontal nudity by Bill and Jim Horn called White Captive. Oh, to be his slave! Enjoy Hunky Black History!

White Captive, 45 MG avi, via Rapidshare.

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