Full Moon Music Man

In honor of the full moon, how about some nudie pics of rock's favorite naturist (second only to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea), Wolverine stunt double, and sexy silly stud, the Bloodhound Gang's Evil Jared Hasselhoff!

Jared can't seem to keep his clothes on. He's stripped naked onstage, and on German Tv twice now. Perhaps it's because those hot manly mutton chops are a sign that he's secretly a werewolf. Perhaps he's got an uncontrollable urge to share his sexy bod with the world. Perhaps when he guzzles beer and barfs it up, it might be gross, but peeing it would be more fun. Perhaps he's a raving publicity-hungry lunatic.

Perhaps we should just shut up and enjoy his musical mooning and dick wagging.

Looks like You tube deleted my uploaded video of Jared naked. But they still have the video of the soccer player with his dick flopping around. Funny.

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