So, he didn't win a medal, but he's won my heart. Well, maybe just a hardon. He's the only current winter Olympics athlete to have knowingly posed nude, and he looks like he fell out of a Cadinot film. Well, he is French, after all. And I've always enjoyed les beau mecs francais!

Brian Joubert may only be one of the top ten male figure skaters on the planet, but he's the top in my judging skills. He's hot and he knows it. He shows it. His routine in Turin was, like several others, a little off (If you've seen his Matrix number, it's better). Hey, can you do a quadruple turn in the air on ice? I thought not. Nothing worse than a bunch of armchair Dick Buttons catcalling a world class stud from the other side of the planet on tape delay.

While you may not ever aspire to Joubert's gluttonic greatness, or even try a single axel, take a bit of obvious advice from Brian. Make sure to get some tasty photographs of yourself when you are young and beautiful and your body is perfection.

Brian était un peu tendu puisqu'il trébucha sur sa suite de pas et ne terminait que quatrième. Très belle remontée cependant lors du programme long, où malgré la chute d'entrée sur le quadruple et une petite main sur le boucle, l'ensemble des triple est assuré, avec à la clef une deuxième place du libre ! Brian termine troisième au combiné des deux épreuves, à trois petits points et demi de la deuxième place de l'américian Evan Lysacek, la victoire revcenant au patineur nippon Daisuke Takahashi. A noter la belle performance de Yannick Ponsero qui termine cinquième.

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