Burt Offerings

Happy birthday to the one of the once hottest male celebs to get naked and show his ass; Burt Reynolds was the sexiest male celeb of the 70s, and part of the 80s. Yeah, his life's a mess and now, after way too much plastic surgery, he resembles the Mummy's Grampa. But back in the day, his incredibly stuffed jeans promised the huge cock of many rumors.

I never got into the idea of him fucking Dinah Shore - I mean, isn't that golf event named after her the biggest dykefest ever? Wasn't she a dyke? Were the rumors true, about his bisexuality? Who can say. All I know is, the man posed naked, didn't show it all, unfortunately, yet retained his sense of humor about being a sex symbol, and provided this then-teenager with plenty of furry jack-off material before porn was easily stolen- er, found.

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