Soccer Cell Sexy

Sometimes, ya can't make up porn to match what's really going on.

Two soccer players are involved in a tasty sex scandal with a fellow British pop singer. Apparently the hot threesome involved a cell phone being shoved down a player's pants, or up his butt, and the pop star taking pictures and sucking off a player, with pics to prove it.

Rumor mongers have speculated that the Brit singer is Will Young, and one of the players is Sol Campbell.

Another nominee is Mr. Lampard, who was involved in a hot sex tape orgy a while back. I have that tape as a lousy quality real movie. But man, the fucking is quite hot.

The tabloid calls the players bisexual. Hey, who are we to criticize? We all know the pics will get ut sooner or later. Until then, here are some hot soccer dick shots. Those guys' cocks just have a way of popping out at the best moments - while cameras are aimed at them.

Of course, the best recent one is this tasty clip of a Dutch player's rather lengthy cock being yanked out of his shorts, and bouncing around more than a soccer ball. Talk about a World Cup! This move is called The Flying Sausage.

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Any chance of uploading the Mr. Lampard video Tom?