Hump Rump

In honor of Hump Day (Wednesday), here's a brief clip (6mg, avi, rapidshare) of studpuppy Dylan Edrington humping a pillow in the horror flick 2001 Maniacs, a followup to the gory 2000 Maniacs.

I usually hate slasher pics. The prudish morality in the plots usually involves any sexually active teens getting killed. But this clip serves as a minute's worth of cute ass enjoyment. Unfortunately, it's a case of humptus interruptus.

If you need more (and who doesn't), here's a lovely body double who goes all the way to shooting a nice little load. I love his ears!
And I do prefer method acting, after all.

For more PG and R-rated fun, check out DudeTube. This persistent blogger posts all the naughty guy stuff allowed on that video-sharing site. I'm not going to be posting any direct screen links, as they load slowly. But be warned! DudeTube takes a LONG time to load, since YouTube links are frequently updated, or regenerated, or whatever. Anyway, enjoy the hot male package-bouncing, butt shots, and those now famous G-String boys. You can also just go to YouTube and search under words like butt, men, gay, underwear, etc.

Happy Hump Day!

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