Doin' the Town, a naughty nautical novella by Tom Bacchus: out June 1, 2021; pre-order now!

Well, it took months, and I've been contemplating this wacky idea for years. A recent re-viewing of a certain classic musical about three sailors on shore leave inspired me to finally begin, and now, complete, Doin' the Town, my latest gayrotic tale! The 20,000-word 70-page Kindle novella will be out June 1, 2021. But you can pre-order it now.

Here's the adult version of the online description:

Gabe, Frankie and Munch are three horny Navy sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in 1990s Manhattan.  While they long to see the sights, they’ve also got some urges to fill. Munch sets of with friendly Curt (whom he abruptly fucks), and later meets Laird, a sexy artist who convinces Munch to show it all for art (he jacks him and sucks his huge cock while taking photos).

Shy Frankie gets lured into a ride with Ajaz, a handsome and persistent cabbie who blows him in the cab.

Gabe, however, becomes instantly obsessed with Gerardo, a handsome Latin muscle model, in a series of flyers he finds. He follows his mystery man to a gym for a sweaty workout, but Gerardo eludes him. Their next encounter takes Gabe to the famed Gaiety strip club, where Gabe ends up performing naked onstage, his cock hard for an appreciative audience!

The three sailors reconnect at Splash bar, where Gerardo, finally giving in to Gabe’s pursuit, coaxes him to gogo dance with him in sneakers, jock straps and sailor caps. Gerardo invites the guys to an all-night orgy, where everyone gets their share of cocksucking, buttfucking and cum-slurping until dawn.

This fun and erotically charged gay parody (of a certain classic musical and film) will satisfy your lustful craving for a triple serving of seafood.

Pre-order now for the June 1 release!

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Simon Marini goes gay-for-pay as Markus Kage in bareback suck & fuck scenes!

Simon Marini, the hot former MMA stud-turned hotter cock-showing underwear model, after testing his porn waters with pay-on-demand straight sex scenes, has finally gone full-on gay bareback fuck daddy in two scenes for a new porn studio, Masqulin! This is faptastic news for fans of the tattooed manly stud.

Back in 2017, I posted about Simon's  wealth of cock-displaying underwear modeling. His beautiful uncut cock peeked out of jock straps and mesh fetish wear. It's become one of my most popular posts, and for a good reason; Simon's a total stud!

Now, in the usual tradition of straight guys' entries into gay porn, Simon, as Markus Kage, 'discovers' gay sex with big stud Alex Mecum, gets his cock sucked and then plows Mecum's eager butt. Here's a preview of that scene.

In the second scene, Kage displays his erect dick for twink Drew Dixon, gets his tasty weiner slurped, then plows his tight ass. Here's a preview of that sex scene.

While his scene with Mecum certainly has more dramatic lighting and a furtive fun edge, his scene with Dixon is more brightly lit and standard, yet tasty.

Masqulin made a smart decision to hire 'Kage' in their premiere efforts, along with some other scenes with familiar porn actors.

MarkDylan.com offers some tasty previews. MenSparkle is also sharing pics and preview clips. ScallyGuy is also on this faptastic news.

We certainly hope to see a lot more of Markus Kage in more daring scenes. May we suggest a few scenarios?

- Markus in a threeway, getting his muscled ass voraciously rimmed while he plows another guy, or a woman? He's proven his fuck skills on two genders anyway. How about a double-penetration bisex scene?

- Markus sidles up to a pee trough, slides back his foreskin, and unleashes a torrent of piss that's lapped up by another muscle stud.

- Markus rides a dildo fuck machine, then plows a trio of bent-over willing asses!

- Markus spanks a submissive bubble-butt stud, fingers his hole, then face-fucks and ass-plows his sub!

Oh, the wonders of Simon aka Markus Kage we can imagine now that he's crossed over into homo hump land. 

See my 2017 post for older hot pics of Simon in and out of his undies.

Visit Masqulin for his two debut gay fuck scenes. And ask them for more, more, more!

You can also enjoy Markus' OnlyFans account, where he jacks off a lot and gets naked and hard for your enjoyment.


Ken Clark; praising SCB (Surprise Cock Bulge) from the hairy-chested Hollywood hunk

Gays of a certain age may recall olden times when a hot shirtless guy on TV would make your nether parts tingle, but the fleeting image passed and left you astounded. There were no screencaps or DVR, let alone VHS copies to make. Studly actors on The Wild Wild West, Time Tunnel, Maverick and other shows would briefly stroll by the camera, which included a full past the waist angle, and.. Oh my lord! Did I jut see that?

Yep VPL, a term we had yet to learn as Visible Penis Line. 
I now prefer SCB, or Surprise Cock Bulge. 
Fashions of the 1970s lent themselves to rock stars. Westerns and action flix showed of swimsuit-clad divers, lanky cowboys whose low-slung gunbelts shoved their bulges front and center. It was hot.

It was also, I believe, intentional.

Think of all the directors, cinematographers and actors ho were gay, or swung both ways. Statistically, those bulge shots spanned decades. What inspires me more is later discovering that a studly action hero, say Kerwin Matthews, was gay, gives reviewing their films with a justified erotic eye. Yes, I could have blown Aladdin. Cool.

One of these many hunks of yore was Ken Clark. We first enjoyed his dancing singing denim dick display in South Pacific as Stewpot. My preteen musical theatre joy blended with fascination as Clark even adjusts his jeans to show off his ball bulge.

Clark, with a lean swagger and ruddy face, plus the chaff of blond hair, killed it with bulge and swimsuit hotness in the last act of the classic B-horror flick Attack of the Giant Leeches. You gotta be quick; lower right-hand shot in a living room and the spender of his swimsuit scene includes a hunky shirtless pal, and a lineup of bloated local officials barely disguising their interest in Clark's hotness.

Clark's bar
I'll lead you down the Hollwood hunk rabbit hole with three other much better organized tributes to Ken Clark and his shirtless scenes.

They include Poseiden's Underworld,
Brian's Drive-In Theatre
and TubeDreams each which will spring wood and appreciation. 

One film in particular that I have yet to find, other than lobby cards as Ringo Del Nebraska in Italian, is Nebraska Jim, which promises more chest porn than Clint Walker in Cheyenne. Bootlegs welcome, with requests as trade.

Several of Clark's full films are on YouTube. A few apparent treasures, like The spy movies are fun, and he has a few towel-clad, shirtless and smooch sessions, all too brief, in those.

Not so much into his later work, including going Mongol in Hercules flix I long ago watched, not knowing that villain was the stud of previous years. Still, even in his later years, the idea of finally seeing what he's got in that package would be thrilling. 

I imagine it to be more wondrous in length than girth, the kind of dick that tickles your epiglottis while deep-throating. Or, when he fucks you, it hits your prostate right on the mark. Of course, you ejaculate on that hairy chest and lick it up, your tongue swirling through that bed of manliness.

I had assumed, because of his nude beefcake shots, that he may have been gay, or trade, at least. But bios list the late actor as having a family with three kids. Good on him. I hope he banged the tickles into his wife and probably earlier and abundant sex partners, with what apparently was a significant tool.

Now you'll exclude me, but I'm off to find straight porn with blond slim studs, and watch it paired with Ken Clark's beefcake shots. Maybe I'll make some screencaps. Toodles!

Here's my random gallery of dozens of hot Ken Clark pics: