Ever since the Disneyfication of Times Square, and Antisex League attitudes in general, it's become more difficult to find clubs where a hot man can get on stage, or atop a bar, and shake his groove thang, along with his big willy.

As a former gogo boy (in my twink phase, i.e. the Cenezoic Era), I still appreciate the terpsichorian arts, particularly when one can waste a few bucks by tucking them into the G-String of a hot stripper whose erect (i.e. tied-off) cock is bursting out of said G-string.

I can't afford to train up to Montreal or Toronto (Bar Stock and Remington's) when I get the urge. So, where to go to enjoy such delights? As far away as Peru, it seems, where a few nightclubs there let their talent really show off their big talents!

The website Perusegay.com has a feast of galleries of fun drag show and stripter dudes, each one a delectable hunk. Too bad there aren't videos of the hip-thrusting, cock-bouncing action.

But you can join the Yahoo group Male Strippers Paradise and peruse the many links and photos via email or on the group.

At least we can still enjoy such fun virtually. If you know of a club with hot strippers, share a link and info in the comments!


Reality Cock

I hate "reality" shows, i.e. banal, stupid scripted shows with no-talent nobodies.

But I like cock, and if there's a shred of celebrity attached to that cock, it's slightly more interesting. Tabloid Prodigy thinks so.

Here's Eric Sanchez and his cock. Amazing Race 9 alleged metrosexual.

Apparently, once they get the high of being on TV for no good reason, these studs think their ejaculate should be on TV, too.