Ides of Pride

Okay, I was looking for pics of nude studs and rainbows, and this is the best that came up. Happy Pride, etc. Stonewall, Judy, yada yada. Face it. Despite all the Equality, marriage, etc, it's about sex.
It's all about sex.

Celebrate Pride the best way, and get to the point.
Have gay sex.


Cock Rock: anonymous

These two guys make their cocks dance and "sing" along to a song. Notice a little cock flop-out at 2:07. Sweet.


Cock Rock: Jet Kanashi

I could have ended this series with Colton Ford, but there's more!
Jet Kanashi; no, you probably have never heard of him, or heard his music.
But if you get Men Magazine, you have seen his utterly perfect body; that ripe round butt, that delicious cock, those sultry eyes, that strong ethnic nose, and that hint of 5 o'clock shadow say "Lick it now!"

The always sexy Beautiful Mag blog has more pics and an interview.
I wish I could say I love Jet's music as much as his body. Maybe if he'd let me lick him all over I'd have a stronger appreciation of his sad synth pop.

Still, ya gotta admire a musician who shows off his cock and body as his music is unleashed.