Gary Boyd: a really BIG talent!

Ah, Gary Boyd. A size queen's wet dream. such a huge cock just makes your butt moist thinking about it. Howe those bottoms ever managed to get plowed by his gargantuous penis must have required a lot of poppers and lube.


Book of Genesis

Jake Genesis has quit porn. (source: Men of Porn).

He says, as a practicing Catholic that it's "degrading, yada yada yada."

Why are the pretty ones always nuts?

You'd think he would have realized that getting videotaped baring your butthole and cock-riding other happier homo studs until you spew jism wasn't the most holy of acts. But opinions differ.

But at least he already has the skillset for being a practicing Catholic: duplicity, sexual kinks, and a whole lotta guilt.

I'm just curious. Was it the 30th time he had a hot dick slamming his ass on camera that he realized it wasn't for him? Or the 50th?

Was it the 100th time a guy jizzed on his chest or face that he finally came -ahem- to the eureka moment and figured out it just wasn't his cuppa tea?

Frankly, the only thing degrading about porn is making lousy porn. And I have yet to find a scene that he made that was anything but quite amusing.

Sad to see him go.

Perhaps he'll join a semen-ary.