In the spirit of Halloween, here's Mario Lopez, nearly naked, at a party at the La Playboy Mansion. Gee, I wonder if Mario got all hot and bothered in that skimpy costume, and got a stiff boner, then his costume fell off from the pressure, and he ended up dancing naked for the ladies, perhaps becoming so overpowered with lust that he jacked off for them, or fucked a few Playmates in front of an appreciative audience?

Probably not. But he is a slut. Since we can't see pics of that, here's his porn equivalent, Fernando Leone, from a hot hot strip routine he did a few years ago at a nightclub he ran a few years back.

Many a Halloween I've dressed in a skimpy or superhero outfit, met up with another hot guy in similar drag, then had hot sex in costume. I mean, what else is Halloween for but tricks and treats?

Rarely have I spent a Halloween watching a hot uncut stud jack off, suck his own dick and ejaculate on stage, as Fernando expertly did (at some European nightclub) in these pics and the video below, but it's nice to have goals.


'N' aughty Porn

Hilarious video about an outrage in straight porn!

Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

The Onion is terrific.

So are hot Black guys who fuck gals in porn!


I'm Coming Out

To celebrate National Coming out Day, I thought I'd show off some guys who let their cocks come out. Hey, I'm not in the mood for politics.

Some pics of Dean, aka Lover Boys' "Double Impact" and his fascinatingly gargantuan cock:


Aaron his Flavor

What happens to ex-porn actors? It seems some of them just all of a sudden go ex-gay!

Aaron Austin, shapely muscular top, bottom and expert cocksucker, is now, apparently straight and married and a dad.

This hideous MySpace page is his. Warning; lots of cheesy graphics and car images. It's like an Extreme Home Makeover for a ten year old boy.

Speaking of which, I wonder when Aaron, excuse me Eric, aka "Flex" is going to have to have that talk: "Well, son, when daddy was younger, he liked to lick men's butts and stuff his cock in their faces for a living. But now he loves mommy a lot. He really does. He never liked doing all that sex over and over again with men, his balls being licked by a hot hairy stud, his erect cock sliding in and out of a hot tight muscular ass. Nope, he doesn't do that any more."

Aaron now manages a fitness center somewhere in Cathedral City, you know that's the non-gay part of Palm Springs. You can read his minimal blog, where he discusses his "carreer" (sic). His profile even has a few non-nude pics from his "modeling days." Yeah, modeling always involves rimming, fellatio and multiple ejaculations.

Now he's a character on Zwinky instead SuckyDinky.

Oh well, no great loss. He was always pretty but rather boring as a performer.

At least he gets to show off his muscles for another good reason. I of course doubt he ever just gets the urge to peel off his Spandex and have a wank session in the showers, as he did in about a dozen of his porn videos.

Unless perhaps for a private training session.


BBC (Big Bouncy Cocks)

I've been putting off posting videos since Blogger added this feature. But then I saw how much more quickly they load than those linked via Xtube, etc. So here goes.

Let me know what you think, and if you like, I'll add more. Of course, pursuant to blogger's rules, it's not obsc*ne! Heck, they show this on Britain's network TV!


Prison Jizzin'

Here's one I started, but forgot. The news is a few weeks old:

Some stupid ass Florida female prison guard's been spying on prisoners jacking off and the stupid cunt is so offended by it she's ended up getting the cons prosecuted!

Coryus "Spanky" Veal can't keep her nosey eyes off eight whackin' cons, and she's gotten her pushy self into the tiny bit of privacy the guys have.

Justice went blind, says one columnist. One case was dismissed, and hopefully the others will, too. For Terry Lee Alexander, he gets 60 extra days of a 10-year prison sentence, thanks to nosy cunt Veal.

Here's a hint, stupid bitch; stop watching the prisoners masturbate! Stupid cunt.

This is just one of dozens of cases of stupid ass Florida cops assaulting people, sexually harassing civilians, even assaulting each other.