I was so busy regifting, 
I forgot to post my annual favorite holiday tradition; 
hot naked guys in Santa hats!


Dig In!

(Spider-Man rims Uncle Sam as the balloons are prepped the night before today's Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade.)

Happy Holidays! If you're not into turkey, how about some beef? Some of our bravest and hottest made a tribute video to some cheerleaders making one of a gajillion "Call Me Maybe" videos. Let's hope the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell means at least one of these hotties (can you tell who's my fave?) isn't just pretending to be a little sassy. I couldn't resist making a few screencaps of the cuties.


Purple Haze

So, a few years ago, my scifi-rotica parody tale Q-FAQ got published. But then the publisher conked out and you have to scrape the barrel of used books for sale to get a copy. Yeah, it got some tepid reviews here and there.

But AfterElton.com rated it as 2007's Best Gay Science fiction book. So there.

And heady sexy mythos-themed blog Gosporn called me and my book "prophecy." So there. Actually, he called me an "Apocalyptic Queen." (Goodness!).

"Tom envisions the divided state of the near future America, split tidily along red state, blue state lines. Watching the continuing polarization of the Union, it makes me wonder. I imagine the U.S. split in twain, with Sarah Palin and the Fundies running the red states. They will immediately attempt to regain God’s favor by banning homosexuality, work on Sunday, Islam, and Lady Gaga! In other words, a bunch of our brothers and sisters may suddenly be caught behind enemy lines! "



I've been a bit distracted by the awfulness of Hurricane Sandy. Although I live uptown and a few floors up, and was thereby saved from any direct damage to my modest home, my friends downtown have been suffering. So of course I invited a few temporarily displaced (hot) pals up for sleepovers! and the first thing they needed, other than warmth, clean clothes and food, was a hot shower or two, or three. one of the guys brought a 12-pack of beer, thinking, hey, if the world's ending, we might as well get drunk. And that led to a very busy bathroom, which led, too, well, other activities.


Baseball Been Beddy Beddy Good

If you know the title's reference, you remember the old Saturday Night Live episode.

If you're younger, you hopefully remember how cool it was when San Francisco won the World Series a few years ago.

If you watch TV, you might have noticed that the Giants are most probably going to do it again (update: they won). Yep, the guys from the "gay" city by the Bay, whose players were attacked with anti-gay tweets and twits from Cardinals fans, did it again. So there.

Sorry I have so few pics of the current hot roster, but I'll work on it. For now, enjoy the bats and balls:
Money shot for the Giants: champagne ejaculates as Romo smooches Scutaro.


BONE RAHM POKE stories by Tom Bacchus


Download the trailer, PHONE-SIZED


Also uploaded to my new Tumblr blog.

 It's too sexual for some sites, too commercial for others. Post it on your blog, tumblr, wherever, and get free stuff and linkbacks. Thanks.


Nudes in the News! Naked Rugby

Nudes in the News!

 "Cool conditions were no deterrent to the Nude Blacks as they took on the Springbox at the North Ground in Dunedin today. In what has become something of a rugby tradition in the city, the teams played an unofficial curtain-raiser to tonight's All Blacks v Springboks test at Forsyth Barr Stadium and more than 1000 people turned out under grey skies to watch.


Magical Lustful Cockmonsters

What happens when straight football jocks show support for marriage equality? Rightwing politicians attack them, that's what happens!

And let's not forget Brendon Ayanbadejo, the muscled NFL pro-gay straight hottie he was defending!

Read the entire letter HERE. But enjoy the best quote:

Chris Kluwe Explains Gay Marriage To The Politician Who Is Offended By An NFL Player Supporting It: “They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”

Nope. THAT takes practice!


Wild About Harry

Yes, as said by one website, half the world spent last weekend masturbating to the nude cell phone pic of Prince Harry. Well, maybe not half.


Shower Time!

And of course, after all that Olympic athletic sweat, one needs a shower!


Hot Daddy Butt

This isn't the best quality version of this video, but it certainly is one of my favorites. This has got to be the most amazing man ass ever. And the guy is soooo straight, like your best friend's dad, who you followed like a puppy into the local swimming pool just to get a glance at his naked body. It's one of my favorites, espcially when his huge muscle butt is spread and lubed and fingered for our delectation.


Olympic Picks!

With only three male athletes among the almost two dozen out GLB (Ts get short shrift in a binary-gender-coded sports event, doncha know) jocks competing at the 30th Olympics in London, why not just focus on the hunks who are gay, or should be?

Matthew Mitcham
! The cutie-pie Aussie diver made history at the Bejing Olympics with a perfect dive, and his boyfriend in the stands!



This is traditionally a day when I usually post images of muscle hunks draping flags over their nearby naked bodies, erect penises ejaculating firework-type ribbons of cum, but ya know? Been there, spewed that.


I Like Mike

Magic Mike is a hit!

"It's the Citizen Kane of stripper movies!" exalts Entertainment Weekly film critic Libby Gelman-Waxner (who is actually gay playwright Paul Rudnick).

Of course, EW would like it, and they had a fun multi-page advance preview of the film, and guess what? The film conglomorate that's released it also part of the media conglomorate that owns EW!

But that show biz bias aside, despite its hetero-focus, the movie is fun, and sexy. But my gays wanna know the important stuff; How much nudity is there? Vulture.com explains it all for you.


Eric Rhodes, R.I.P.

(Don't tell me this is in bad taste. He posed for it. It's from one of his videos. He most probably ODed and they're covering it up; they being the hypocritical cannibalistic porn industry that chews through men like him every day.)

A quote from Eric's (James Elliott Naughtin) prophetic and self-tortured blog posts (now closed), via Gawker:

"Oh... i have given myself and expiration date, kinda like a carton of milk. You can't expect things to last forever, and with the way things are going, 30, i'm just gonna call it quits. That's if i even make it to 30. If things get better then i might change my mind but, that is what is engraved in my brain at the moment."


Big Gulp

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Todd the Bod

Todd Sanfield's got a new book out, Motel/Hotel. You don't see much more than we've already seen. Well, a few pages of up close crotch, but not $65 worth. No fully hard visible cock, a few nice softies, and a butt shot of three that show his booty and beauty.


Me. Mo. Real.



Could This Be the 'Magic?'

Could this be the magic at last? Disco diva Donna Summer has passed, but the upcoming Magic Mike movie may bring male strippers to a new light.




William Levy, aka William Levy Gutierrez, is the hot new star of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

But gay fans have known him for a while as the pretty-faced muscle hunk who posed for a sheer underwear company. Needless to say, he's got a big talent!


Erin Gay Bragh

St. Patrick's Day to me means: hot redheads, hot Irish guys, or hot guys named Paddy, hot drunk redheads, hot drunk guys, hot drunk guys pissing everywhere, hot drunk guys pissing and getting pissed on, hot drunk guys having sloppy drunken sex; and hangovers.

Hot drunk pissing guys; they're magically delicious!