This is traditionally a day when I usually post images of muscle hunks draping flags over their nearby naked bodies, erect penises ejaculating firework-type ribbons of cum, but ya know? Been there, spewed that.

I'm also a little behind cinematic times by mentioning it, now that the new Spider-Man movie's out, and the Avengers already ran hither and yon. And anyone who wanted to has already seen Prometheus once or twice weeks ago.

But damn!

Engineer Daddy! Fuck me with your angry albino god cock!

The credits list several actors as playing the various engineers, and of course, the fantastical blue-pale muscles are partial prosthetics, but can you imagine?

Would be fuck you into the next galaxy? Would his dong be godlike in proportion? would his jizz plant new life forms into your gullet as you sucked it down, burst after burst? Would he respect you in the morning, or simply decimate your flat afterward by leaving killer droppings in the toilet that eventually eat every surface? Will this become the ultra-best muscle stud Halloween costume of the season? Could I possibly have a hot wet dream where Logan Marshall Green and his equally hot twin brother have a steamy threeway with an engineer? Will someone make some nude fakes of this fictional hunk so I don't have to crank up the PhotoShop?

Who can say. I only hope those wacky folks who are making other superhero porn parodies (Tommy Gunn as Wolverine! My life will soon be complete! But that'll be another post.) get around to a strangely sexy version of Prometheus.

Hometheus? Prickmetheus?

Links about the costumes HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: And here is my dream hunk, at San Diego's comic-con! His muscle are painted, but real. Mmm.

Yum (source)!

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