Cock Rock: Colton Ford

There are a few more, but like a cum shot that just can't wait, I had to show off the hot fuck daddy of Cock Rock, one of few men who;ve made it big in both music and porn. Hey, now even gay cable TV!
Colton Ford was in music before he took his clothes off and fucked ass for money. I love him. I love how he can get his big muscle ass plowed like a man, and can pound ass and suck too. He can also sing. He can also act, as the hunky sheriff on the campy vampire Here TV show, The Lair.

He doesn't make porn no more, but you can still enjoy his videos or a few clips, or listen to his music, or look at some more nekkid pics, or read a review of his music, and some more coverage.


Says Colton, "I fully accept that there will be those who just can’t or won’t let themselves get over my past, and will want to keep me neatly slotted as a porn star," he says. "That’s fine. I feel, however, that there are more people out there that are open and able to see beyond that. I’m multifaceted, as we all are: I’m a sexual person, I’m a musical person, I’m many things and I embrace all of it. For those that are interested in taking a look, they’ll see that my music stands on it’s own. I’ve sung professionally for 25 years, I did porn for 10 months: It’s what I’ve done all of my life, not an afterthought."

But what a hot 10 months they were!

Really, stud, we enjoy your music, too.


Splash Shots

We interrupt Cock Rock for two completely different stories with oddly similar imagery: No charges filed over teen water polo pics.

and Takashi Murakami art sells for $15 million.


Cock Rock: Amateur Night

Not every guy who's naked and a musician is famous. Lots of musically-minded men get a little homoerotic while courting the muse.

Sometimes, they even yank a fan's cock onstage for fun, as in this little video from Snicks' blog, which is full of other male nudity pranks and cocky fun.

I got a few of these pics from Wayne's Nude Musicians. Here's a nice article about his fun blog on Nightcharm.com.

A quote from that article:

It’s ultimately fitting that music and art should coexist in physique photography, almost as if they both anticipated what would become ubiquitous years down the line.

Sex and music have always courted one another’s favor, but today the border between them is blurrier than ever. Consider Wayne’s philosophical approach to the two: “Music is one more extension of the human body in action. The body is a musical instrument, so our musical instruments become as our bodies.”

For more all about nude musicians, includng some fun pop culture, visit his blog.