I love when hot dudes get dressed up –or down– in sexy costumes for Halloween.
I bet you do, too. Here are almost 50 inspiring costumes, tricks and treats, with and without their hard cocks un-costumed.


Theirry Pepin and his Big Snake

Actor-model and utterly gorgeous Canadian Theirry Pepin has been known to shake his snake, from undie commercials and ads to gay porn.

As The Backlot reports, Pepin is featured in a promo video for some hot underwear, in which he strips, gets into a tent and before a big snake can attack him... well, watch and enjoy.


Great, Scott!

So, apparently, openly gay actors showing off their cocks, even with ejaculated sperm, is "trending."
 Scott Evans, the soap actor and gay brother of Chris Evans, showed off his nice body, erect penis, and even a handful of cum, for someone, apparently. And for that, we are thankful, if not a little confused.