Greg Plitt: muscle man, tragedy and a big ... talent

Greg Plitt, the super-human muscle guru, before his tragic, shocking, and to some, stupid death.

You can find a gazillion motivational gifs on Tumblr, Tribute blog posts and galleries that show his hotness.

You can find many of the fitness magazines he posed for.

His legacy is questiomnable, and TMZ has the gruesome footage.

You can go there. I won't.

Some fan blogs have even gone blank, deleting all their pics.

I choose to celebrate his extreme muscley lifestyle as entertainment, like this huge fake cock on Greg Plitt. Size matters!

Oh, and motivation to work out. Sure, that's the ticket.

Maybe work out your dick while he shows off his cock bulge.

Take the Brute Camp photo spread that motivates a five-man model faux gangbang with a woman. One shot may show just the tip of his big cock.

What's noticeable to many gay fans are not only the bulges on his arms, but between his legs. In a Workout reality show (screencap gallery), he frolics in wet undies with a woman of little repute.

Many forums, before and after Greg Plitt's demise, conjectured on the size of Plitt's penis, from flaccid to erect, because, as Plitt emphatically stated, size matters.

Even early in his modeling career, as a wrestler in a cologne commercial, his bulge is prominent, and judging by the angle, the director had a good eye on it!

One fellow has posted claims of his "big cock and balls" in a picture of Plitt growling at a salad.

Others include three lower torso semi-erect nudes (Here Here and Here) of who is allegedly Plitt, but they look very posed, perhaps some Advocate Men model. The best of us can play Name That Cock, and compare to one allegedly (again, lower torso) nude selfie of his legs and big cock. 

The seated selfie cock shot's also here. But so are fake nudes using his body.

Bing's naughty search results prove a lot of fun, with totally fake huge cock pics, and some toher similar-looking studs.

This blog's Plitt page includes a random cock shot in a shower. It's ample, and allegedly Plitt's prick.

What's fascinating about all this, is not the morbid perspective of his passing, but the random way these nudes showed up. There are no comparable clothed images. The only possibility is a selfie, and a fashion spread gone sexy. 

But if so, where are the other pics from these shoots? and how did these few get out? do most people who whack off to this guy not believe it's his cock? Are we supposed to now ignore his crotch-thrusting bulges?

Real or not, the rest of him was amazing.

For a lengthy gallery, visit Dr Wannabe.

But are there more?

We'll have to wonder, and contemplate his spectral visage nude (allegedly) as the stunt double for Billy Crdup in Watchmen.

Simple hovering above us, better than all of us, and hung like a blue alien.

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