Big Gulp

Here's an old post I forgot I had in my Draft index.

A while back, Gawker released a YouTube link to the Fear Factor never-before-aired "donkey sperm and piss guzzler" episode. 

For those who forgot, Fear Factor was one of those stupid and horrifying TV game shows where people do stupid and horrifying things for money; like whores, but with scorpions.
That link's still there, but now only a foreign website has the guts (or jizz?) to save it and repost it, at least the Danish subtitled version, on The Blemish.

Of course, for some gay men, guzzling piss and cum isn't a game show, it's just Saturday night.
Frankly, I know I would have won, hands down, provided that instead Fear Factor host Joe Rogan had wanked a bit of his own cum, In fact, I would drink Joe Rogan's piss right from the hose.

But...whatever. It's cum, people. the juice of life.


Of course, the most famously delicious -and at the time, controversial, cum-eating scene was where Rob Cryston slurps Miguel Lopez' jizz like pudding with his tongue as a spoon.

Since then, cum-slurping has become fairly common.
Just not donkey piss-guzzling.

But, you know, straight people are perverts.

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