Pop Your Cork

Ah, champagne, the sweet bubbly. When it bursts forth, it's so like a freshly ejaculating cock, only sweeter, almost.

Let it flow freely tonight for you - if you're a drinker- and may sperm burst forth freely on you, wherever you like it to spurt. Happy New Year.



























Nice Packages

Christmas is the time for tacky decorations, false sincerity and mass consumerism, eggnog, being with family, while secretively logging on to porn site's on your parents' computer.

Of course, if you need your Yule Log warmed up, you could visit www.GaychristmasPorn.com. I'm not recommending you pay for a membership, nor is the link a money-maker for me. It's just a funny odd site I found while looking for gay X-rated holiday pics.

If you're smart and live where there are Jewish folks, you abandon all the holiday crap, and go see a movie and have Chinese food with your gay Jewish friends, then have hot kosher sex with one or more of them. I have, but this year, it's a boring holiday in the east, without my gay friends. I'll be back in the city for a hot gay New Year's soon!

Happy stolen Pagan holiday!


The Hose Knows

Michael Biserta, the Long Guyland fireman who was part of an innocuous firefighter calendar, but who was then discovered to have also shown off his GARGANTUAN COCK in a clip in the Guys Gone Wild DVD (clip here), which led to a lot of hoopla and the stupid cancellation of future fundraiser calendars, has gone legit.

The amply hosed dude, who despite the controversy, has kept a stiff upper lip, if not a completely stiff HUGE SCHLONG, has a "tasteful" -i.e. no shots of his POOTY-PUNCHIN' PENIS- calendar of his gorgeous self in shirtless and underwear shots. You can see that his WONDERFULLY WIDE WANG can be cozily nestled, innocuously flaccid, in a pair of sexy shorts.

Trey Cruz
has several posts with an interview, pics, and a link to a YouTube clip of the fiery sensation. He's straight (with a HUGE COCK), has a girlfriend (who gets to suck and be fucked by his HUGE COCK), he's a a cool guy (with a HUGE COCK), and he's getting his fifteen inches of fame (because of his HUGE COCK).

A few quotes (frequent typos and punctuation corrected): "Let's be realistic, as a male model you have to know that at least half of your fans will be gay, or bi..and mostly because of all the support I got thru email and myspace when I was going through that hard time. Guys and girls… everyone was awesome and I appreciate everything."

So, he has gay friends, too: "Ummmm, I think so … I don’t think it’s out in the open yet, but we’re all pretty sure of it. He’s a great kid though, and I consider him a great friend." (sweet)

Is more fame in the works? "Hopefully you’ll see me soon in some underwear ads. That’s what I’m looking to get into. (Us, too!) That’s my goal right now. I hope some more people pick up the ODM calendar and suppport me as a model."

It seems sadly doubtful that he'll ever again show off his TERRIFIC TALLYWHACKER and go the porn route, the way others have. Nope, Mikey's a nice guy ... who just happens to have a DELICIOUSLY DAUNTING DONG.

Oh, Mikey wears underwear to bed: "Boxer briefs. I have to be cool when I sleep." (Yes, I do recall the wonderful boyfreind whose dick was so big he had to wear underwear, otherwise it ended up hard and in my mouth.)

Note: that cute little schnoz of his BLOWS the 'Big Nose, Big Hose' theory. And let it be known, the phrase "too big" is not in my vo-cabuh-lary.


Rugger Cock Tuggers

You probably already have seen the incredible video of the Sandbach Brit rugby boys fooling around with lots of beer and dick-wagging.

Here's a video of them, and one big-cocked drunk in particular, each doffing their kits, wiggling their wangs and being drunk and horny, doing everything short of actually sucking and fucking.

Oh, they also actually play rugby.

Of course, these days, "nude" and "rugby" have become synonymous. along with the prissy Stade 2008 calendar and DVD, Sheffield Hallam U. have a more amatuerish yet sexier calendar of butts and locker room shower poses.


Tights Situation

What I wish Cirque du Soleil really was like.

Like Me, Lick Me, Anyway You Want Me!

Terrific user review of Q-FAQ on Amazon.com by a guy named Jak. Thanks, guy. He's got lots of other reviews online. Like most of the press reviews, he really got the intent of Q-FAQ. Excerpt:

Afaik is a handsome Arab American living in Manhat (one of many slang terms invented by the author) and getting by as a low level, but still criminal techno-hacker. The Puritans are determined to frame Afaik as a homo-terrorist and he barely escapes capture when they raid and destroy his humble squat.

Seeking refuge in a dingy bar, Afaik meets Aces Bannon, a big tough bionic stud willing to provide sanctuary for the night. Back at Aces' flat Afaik is not repulsed by Aces' metal hand and leg, and he more than welcomes the hot sex Aces offers.

Falling hard for the big guy, Afaik agrees to accompany Aces on a cross country business trek, a trek Afaik soon realizes is associated with Q-Faction, a gay revolutionary group Aces belongs to. Q-Faction's goal is to protect what's left of gay rights and gay history, by fighting back against the diabolical Puritans.

So buy my book, guys!! Post a review and I'll post a link, plus link whatever else you like or want. Post links in comments.

(Pics are completely unrelated, from an Ebay auction by Bacchus27 (no, it's not me, but he always has hot prints for sale).


Surfin Safucki

Here's little something to warm you up for the approaching winter. Surfers are such a turn-on.

Their daring do on the waves, their hot wetsuits, their aquatic salty taste. I got to realize my sexual fantasies when I tentatively took up the sport. I'm lousy at it, and can usually only handle boogie-boarding.

But having gone out on waves over 100 times, and having done the exhibitionistic ritual of changing into and out of a wetsuit in a parking lot, or on the beach, I've been able to meet a few gay wetsuit superheroes.

For you landlocked lovers of surfers, here's some wetsuit sex fun.


Q-FAQ and fiction

La Publicitee!

Check out my Q & A with Bay Windows. an excerpt:

Q: The sexuality definitely comes through! It’s strange how few sci-fi authors take on sex.
A: So much of the sci-fi I read growing up had little or no sexuality, which is absurd. The future is entirely based on how we breed and mate. So, I did a lot of "inferring" or inserting some kind of queerness where I could, particularly in the "hot guy in a loincloth on a planet of lizards" genre, until the genre of LGBT sci-fi/fantasy took off in the 80s and 90s. When Chrome came out, I was enthused. That and Mad Max probably influenced creating Aces and his "special parts."

Reviews of Q-FAQ are starting to be published. Here are a few excerpts:

From The Guide:

Tom Bacchus's Q-Faq (Haworth Positronic Press; 203 pages, $12.95) is a science fiction, sexual-liberationist novel about a future society in which a U.S. government run by the Puritan Party is pushing an anti-gay, anti-sex agenda across the divided states of America. Into this dystopic mess emerge mercenary Aces Bannon and Afaik, a queer Middle Eastern rebel. They join forces and work with a growing underground of political and sexual rebels. This is standard science fiction with a queer slant -- a sexed-up Ursula Le Guin crossing with all those 1970s erotic comics by Etienne in which men with large dicks trapped in rocket ships or on distant planets fuck their way into cosmic delight.

Bacchus shows total assuredness as a writer even while taking chances with his readers. Q-Faq is stylistically edgy as well. Blending more traditional narratives with a collage of pamphlets, communiques, posters, and various other "informational" artifacts, Bacchus constructs a quick-moving story that's something of a cross between 1984 and a collection of Italo Calvino stories... Q-Faq is ... one of the more intriguing and satisfyingly entertaining books of gay fiction to come out in a while.

From Edge Boston:

The novel itself is a journal-like account, from Afaik’s point of view, of the bizarre, colorful creatures they encounter, the ludicrous situations they find themselves in, as well as blog and news excerpts from ongoing current events, which attempt to help both the reader and the protagonist determine where the duo are headed and why. The most important clue is an advertisement from a gay.com-like website, appearing over and over, announcing its sponsorship of the grand reopening of a once-famous bathhouse, an event which is expected to attract masses of sexual deviants. Is this gathering of the masses just another gala circuit party-type event, and might it have something to do with why Aces is compelled to race across the country?

While the answers to these questions may be of some interest to the reader, the author clearly paints an even more vivid picture of the relationship (for lack of a better word) that evolves between Afaik and Aces. The two experience sex at its most erotic, hardcore and sadomasochistic - more often than not Aces invites at least a third to join or watch him and Afaik. In any case, because Afaik’s retelling of these events is so matter-of-fact, not only is he portrayed as a willing participant, but enthusiastically so.

The ridiculousness of the circumstances is undeniably hilarious on occasion. Still, the end result is a bit of jumbled mess; and only a creator of science fiction and fantasy could get away with it.

And, from Bay Windows:

Good science fiction, even if it’s set in the future, is always about the present. This rowdy and raunchy account of queer terrorists in a repressive near future is laced with contemporary concerns and political satire. The U.S. of A. is recovering from holy wars and the government takeover by neo-Puritans, who are clamping down on dissidents of all kinds. Being gay is not yet a crime - in fact, the gay demographic is still a plum target for marketers - but queer anarchists see the writing on the wall and are building sanctuaries and preparing for war.
The main character is a small-time hacker who gets swept up in the plots when he falls in lust with a cyborg who turns out to be a key figure in an anti-government conspiracy. After nearly getting killed in (what’s left of) New York City, the duo goes on the lam, taking the reader on a nightmarish road trip across America. The book’s cyberpunk style - jittery, spare, full of jump cuts and little diversions - is like John Brunner’s version of The Handmaid’s Tale, with plenty of sex thrown in for good measure. Here gay sex is an act of defiance, and the characters are defiant enough to make this dystopia a dicktopia. The graphic sex scenes may be too much for the average sci-fi reader, but queers of all kinds should enjoy this wicked thriller.



In the spirit of Halloween, here's Mario Lopez, nearly naked, at a party at the La Playboy Mansion. Gee, I wonder if Mario got all hot and bothered in that skimpy costume, and got a stiff boner, then his costume fell off from the pressure, and he ended up dancing naked for the ladies, perhaps becoming so overpowered with lust that he jacked off for them, or fucked a few Playmates in front of an appreciative audience?

Probably not. But he is a slut. Since we can't see pics of that, here's his porn equivalent, Fernando Leone, from a hot hot strip routine he did a few years ago at a nightclub he ran a few years back.

Many a Halloween I've dressed in a skimpy or superhero outfit, met up with another hot guy in similar drag, then had hot sex in costume. I mean, what else is Halloween for but tricks and treats?

Rarely have I spent a Halloween watching a hot uncut stud jack off, suck his own dick and ejaculate on stage, as Fernando expertly did (at some European nightclub) in these pics and the video below, but it's nice to have goals.