Fire Hose

Fire down below! If you thought Mike the cover model for the New York City Firefighter's calendar looks familiar, well, check your copy of Guys Gone Wild. the cover stud is the same dude whose ginormous cock is so long he wrapped it around his wrist in the video!

Jeebus, that's a huge schlong! Mike, allegely a heterosaximal, nonetheless is one of so many men who think nobody will notice that they have previously showed off their goods. And he's probably got more gay fans, including among gay NYC firemen!

No doubt sales of the fundraiser calendar will, um, rise, now that it's known the dude carries a big hose.

Thanks to Porn for Patrick for breaking this, and JoeMyGod for spreading the word.

Watch Mike be all sweet and polite on The Today Show.

Watch him play with his fire hose HERE on Xtube.


Oh my gosh! The FDNY organizers have pulled the calendar because Porno for Patrick posted that 22-year old Michael Biserta of Brooklyn Ladder Co. 131 showed off his enormous cock-hose in the Guys Gone Wild video!

This is terrible! Shouldn't a fireman show off his skills with a big hose? What's the big deal? The guy's a stud, and some of the other models have probably done similar things; well, maybe not.

Even the Xtube link isn't working. But you can see the screencaps. I have the video downloaded, and may upload it online later. Right now I'm in cock shock!

Reportedly, big-cocked Mikey isn't going to be disciplined. Gee, not even spanked? The bailiff won't even whack his peepee?