Calcio Spogliarellisto!

Try that, Super Bowl.

Yeah. I thought not. Conigli.


A Kiss is Still a Kiss

Remember when all those Lord of the Rings guys were smooching and licking each other at just about every premiere of their movies? It led to a slew of rumor-mongering about their sexuality. But hey, what's wrong with a little - or a lot - of male affection?

The message board It's Not Easy Being Green offers up a smoochload of male/male kisses between celebs, from the LotR dudes to Serenity co-stars, Queer as Folk and Brokeback Mountain screencaps, plus a lot of little animated gifs. WARNING: it's very slow-loading, so right-click it in a new tab or window, then go take a snack break. Mm-kay?

My fave is the one (above) from a LotR 2004 Oscar and birthday party for Sala Baker, between Baker and Shox, a member of the band World Without Sundays. I mean, a peck on the forehead from Lost co-star is one thing. But a dead-on lip lock with the studliest Samoan ever, who also played Sauron, and various orcs in one of the biggest baddest movies ever - Well, I'd find it hard to stop.


Sportsexy Sunday

I'm not much of a sports fan, unless it's about male soccer players getting their kit ripped off by fans, wrestlers popping boners, French rugby teams posing nude or running around naked and drunk, conducting homoerotic (non-harmful) initiation rituals, or getting arrested for wild sex orgies.

Like Michael Ballack, soccer player supreme with apparently, the biggest balls in the world. Check him out doing some testicle-tugging jumprope:

Or how about this hot teen wrestler caught by a voyeuristic videographer. See the studpup re-inserting his nipple ring after a bout:

Another Bouncing Bulge;
Markus Pöyhönen in a Paris 100-yard dash
(You have to wait til the end for the close-up)

Régis Sigoire & Jérémie Ballais like bathing nude
together in the Stade France 2005 DVD:

Come to think of it, I do like sports!

Some guys just like it for the locker room fun.
But how do they feel about guys getting a boner in the locker room?

Here's a discussion on Flickr about just the subject.

And if they jack off, they might offend some, but they're fighting cancer.
Yup. A new study shows that masturbation prevents prostate cancer.

So, whether you're wet and soapy in the locker room, or elsewhere,
whack it, jack it, and be sure to pop a load of splooge. It's healthy!



The sheer variety of self-exposure in online personal ads can sometimes be overwhelming. look by age, weight, height, tastes, but ya still find yourself shopping for more, the next best prodickt.

Sometimes, it can lead to a veritable pornucopia of multimedia, as with Grunting Muscle, aka Muscle Kink, aka MslKnk, aka Eric, aka Mr 2004 Northcoast Leather.
It's not like he's hiding anything behind these IDs. He's quite open and out about his wonderful kinks. Want more photos? Sure ya do.

Wanna see him shoot a cum spritzer? Sure ya do.

Want an entire Yahoo Group of his piss, cum and other
kinky adventures? Sure ya do.Want another? Sure ya do.

You can have pretty much every body part of fluid he's got to offer, but not his heart.
He's got the love of his life.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum - and the country - is this guy:

On leave and a little fucked in the head looking for smooth bottoms - 26

You must host have roomates in hotel looking for smooth bottoms my age or younger. I want to anger fuck you so long as you know i don't give a fuck about you

Having never been "anger-fucked," I'm curious. Is he mad because he's really hot but has no photography skills? Because his room's a mess? Because he's "on leave" and probably in the military? His Craigslist ad's probably gonna be deleted soon, because there are more than enough New York bottoms looking for just that!

Of course, if you're an allegedly closeted singer like Clay Aiken, you might need an Anger Fuck, but be careful who you hook up with. In the torpid tradition of trick trickery, mlitary hustler John Paulus has allegedly ass-rammed the American Idol Southern Belle. Oh, the betrayal!

Hunt wisely, boys.


Tom? Tom.

In a perfect world, I'd be up- and downloading fun erotica 24/7 while reading fine literature and being sucked off by a college gymnast.

Until that day, finding a great, well-formatted resource for hot stuff is always a plus. Blogger Tom of Paris provides a great set of clips. He tends toward the Euro-pretty, but being one himself, he's more than forgiven.

Tom oftens posts link to various sources for the same clip, like this hot scene from Mineurs, on Rapidshare, OSCDN, and GMpics.net. I gave up on GMpics when they demanded that you download their application, which I could never get to work, and whose instructions are as Byzantine as nuclear fission.

So, for now, Tom of Paris e le plus beau mec pour les videos chaud! Merci, Tom.


Who the Fuck are You?

I've written stories and gotten paid for it. Big whoop. Some of them aren't easy to find. Others are.

My first two collected works, Bone and Rahm, were published by Bad Boy.

Rahm is also available in Spanish from Boys Press as Sueños de Hombre.

Él continuó descendiendo a través de mi torso, como si me estuviese poniendo a prueba. Me mantuve firme, sin mover un solo músculo. Quería saber hasta dónde era capaz de llegar si creía que yo dormía profundamente. Y lo supe. Brad no perdió el tiempo en buscar alivio para su encendido deseo. Mantuvo su mano izquierda apoyada sobre mi pecho y, con la mano derecha, apartó el arrugado edredón dejando al descubierto sus boxers.

Of course, the stories are better in Spanish.
In German, it's called Zeiten Voller Lust.

Er sagte, er sei auf der Suche nach witzigen erotischen Kurzgeschichten. Obwohl ich noch nie versucht hatte, beides zu kombinieren, fing ich sofort an, mir Gedanken über einen entsprechenden Text zu machen. Meine Bemühungen in der Ständersparte waren zwar nicht in das übliche bescheuerte Trucker-Marine-Cop-Bauarbeiter-Schwimmer-Klischee verfallen, aber es fehlte ihnen an Humor. Umgekehrt kriegte man bei den komischen Stücken wohl kaum einen Steifen. - Das ist ein Zitat aus einer der hier versammelten Geschichten, man kann es aber auf den ganzen Band übertragen: Tom Bacchus zeigt, dass auch in der Ständersparte ein Augenzwinkern möglich ist, und zwar ohne Lust-Verlust. Ein Streifzug durch Mythen und Geschichte, von Adam und ... Adam bis zu den speziellen Fertigkeiten schwuler Roboter. Eine gelungene Abwechslung im Porno-Einerlei.

No, I didn't translate those. I can't really understand the German version, but reading it out loud for a while was fun. The cover model is a stock photo of hottie (former?) porn stud and singer Colton Ford.

Fiction anthologies that include my short stories:
Best American Erotica 1998 (Cleis)
Best of the Best Meat Erotica (Suspect Thoughts)
Happily Ever After: Erotic Fairy Tales for Men (Kasak)
Kink: Tales of the Sexual Adventurer (StarBooks)
Men Seeking Men: Adventures in Gay Personals (Painted Leaf)
Obsessed: A Flesh and the Word Collection of Gay Erotic Memoirs (Penguin)
Stallions and Other Studs (PDA Press)

Oh, and my visual art, MetaPorn, has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. My safe sex video, Scenic Route was shown at gay film festivals in San Francisco, New York and Milan.

I'd done work (behind the scenes) on other porn videos I'd rather not name.
Nope, not fluffing. Let's leave it at that.


Google Cockodoodle

Jeebus fuckin Christmas. Can't those reichsters get their own porn? Oh, that's right. They can't hire Jeff Miss Piss Gannon any more for their closeted canoodling. Pathetic.

Google reps say they'll fight the subpoena, following its motto, "Don't be evil." Yahoo has complied with a similar demand, following its motto, "Don't wait a minute to roll over and take it like a cheap whore for evil."

(Update, Jan. 25:) Hilarious commentary by the always on-target Mark Morford of SFGate.com.

"Log in to Google and type the words "hot bunny terrorist fluffer banana" into the comely and world-beloved Google search engine. Do it. Do it now.

Oh no wait, make it "Osama butt pancake lube explosives yay." Or better yet, try "homemade nuke porn lollipop kiddie nipple bomb!!!" (Be sure to include extra exclamation points because as we all know, Dubya isn't the brightest of presidents and these will add zing and personality to your entry and make your search terms -- the very ones the Bush administration is right now subpoenaing the Google corporation to gain access to -- really stand out to the FBI and the Department of Justice, which are always in need of a little zing).

It shall be a mini-movement. It shall be called "Operation Screw With the DOJ and Make Lynne Cheney Squirm.

Log in to Google. Type "Karl Rove eaten by giant homosexual squid." Type "George W. Bush beaten to lifeless pulp by swarm of angry kindergarten children." Enter "Samuel Alito loves his 'Weapons of Ass Destruction IV' DVD." It might not be much, but it sure sends the right kind of message. Don't you agree?"

Big Brother is Cruising

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Smokin' Dick Wolf

Sometimes, an ex-porn star can be hotter than a current one. Dick Wolf is one of many studs featured in the artistic Rough Gods, a photo book by Michael Alago.

But he's also made a few hot videos. I recall one - Skuff II - where he wags a rubber dog tail - the other end's a dildo shoved up his butt. Is that right, or did I dream of a perfect dog man?

Anywhose, a bit of online goss with a new online pal got me ruminating about Wolf, and then I discovered his BigMuscle profile. Dayum! He's a bit more chunky, and was once skinny, too. But who cares? Something intense about him seems flavorable no matter the shape.

Oh, he also makes fun music, quit porn, writes crazed Burroughs-esque stuff, and runs a pot store - with his boyfriend. Why are all the fine, upstanding gentlemen taken?


Black Butt Mountin'

What would a sex blog be without an update on that Certain Irish Actor who went cinema verité with a certain gorgeous African-American model?

Bloggers galore are getting friendly cease and desist orders from CIA's lawyers. That must be a fun job. "Hey, intern; go look at at porn sites all day."

Although the genre seems to be littered with less than attractive subjects, it does have its share of male hotties. But why would husky ho-men like Tom Sizemore and Fred Durst want to showcase their shortcomings? Vanity for Fred, and desperation for Tom?

Of course, CIA has shown his pleasant and pretty weenie three times in mainstream ciname, albeit breifly (Tigerland, Alexander) and edited (A Home at the End of the World). But his home video, while putting to rest any gay rumors (puh-lease), certainly shows that while short on dialogue, this may be CIA's best "method" acting yet.

This linked miniclip (on Rapidshare; learn how to download) shows only CIA's erect weiner plunging in and out of a certain female orifice. It's rather tasty, as is CIA's collection of bracelets. CIA was obviously so bored during the making of Daredevil (note the shaved head) that he simply had to make his own filmic effort himself. Who can blame him? Ben Affleck as a superhero? Gawd.

Okay, due to popular demand (well, three horny dudes) , here is a NEW link via MegaUpload to the full (somewhat boring, if you ask me) tape. It's over 100mg, so I can't and won't email it.

"The shabbiest cinematography in the histr'y o' porn," Colin says on tape. I concur. Get it while you can. It's called Irish Ayes, so (hopefully) the site's admin won't find and delete it. Here's an edited avi file (I hate wmv jerky files) of Colin's best bits! I won't be uploading it again, as I'm not exactly a PJ (Porn Jockey).

What's the difference between pornography and erotica? Lighting. What's the difference between a poorly made home sex video and an internet sensation? Fame.

Dick Flick

Let us now praise Brokeback Mountain for winning four Golden Globe Awards. Let us praise the daring heterosexuals for their portrayal of those sorrowful pitiable homos. Sigh.

Not sure whether I appreciated Dennis Quaid's joke, saying, as he introduced the film clip, that BBM "rhymes with chick flick." Was Dennis ticked off that he didn't get such praise for his portrayal of a closeted gay man in the always amazing Todd Hayne's Far From Heaven? We sure know that Denzel "Don't be kissin' no man" Washington's smug demeanor at announcing BBM's win was not acting.

When isn't a "serious" portrayal of a gay or transgender person not award bait? Oh, perhaps when it's good. Any self-respecting film fan should already appreciate Ang Lee's directorial talents (since way back; Wedding Banquet; sweet). And how can you lose with his plaintive, subtly symbolic and understated style (especially after the inflated Hulk: I ain't criticizing a film with Eric Bana nude scenes; not evah!)

Before this film, I'd never considered Ledger as more than a lanky cutie, another in the Aussie invasion of Hollywood. But what struck me most; after having seen the film twice, was his subtle portrayal of brittle machismo hiding so much pain. Even rewatching the trailer gets me teary-eyed. Last night, after the awards show was over, I popped in a gay porn promo DVD. Twenty minutes of hole-plugging, cocksucking, dick-spitting and other various punching and poking between an array of tattooed, pierced, shaved and singed studs, I got bored. Real bored.

As I lay in bed, wanking off to what I thought were hot images, I couldn't help but recall BBM; the pained, tense look on the face of Ennis Del Mar in that tent as Jack Twist makes his first romantic moves. Heath Ledger's awkward hesitation, his portryal of sheer ineptitude at being affectionate with another man, stirred more erotic feeling than the deepest sexual plunge in the porn DVDs I'd watched.

As I wanked to my solo crescendo, I felt flannel sheets, cold winds outside a tent, and myself as Jack Twist; more assured in seeing the love and lust under the rough exterior of my imaginary Ennis.

Here's a great interview with Heath days before the Golden Globe awards, from the Sydney Star Observer.

Here's an Mp3 of the golden Globe-winning theme song (Thanks to "Peter Parker" for leading me to it via Craigslist.)

UPDATE Jan. 27: Jake, Heath and gal costars of BBM on Oprah. Some funny comments, yet Heath manages another cool quote supporting gay love. Sigh.


Encyclopedia Pornattica

It's not easy keeping track of one's whack-off material. With so many Chads and Brads, Brandons, Brets and Brads, how is one to know which prick is which?

Who's doing it always outweighs what they're doing. Al's Gay Porn Star Parade provides a nice pic-filled links to most contemporary cumhumporaries.


Immortal Love

It's as old as time; the search for a hot juicy cock. I really wish the internet had smellovision, or aura-vision. Pics don't always do the hunt justice.

Having scoured the realm for men, I've often found that a face to face interface far exceeds the most graphic of BigMuscle profiles. Once you get a man's scent under your nostrils, a tiny part of him is in you.

And that's the eventual goal, ain't it?

Until the day man musk is downloadable, the machine may do for window shopping, but nothing beats meeting for meating.