Bi to See, By the Sea

I hope you're enjoying the last of summer, particularly the amusing hunt for horny "het" hunks in the dunes; you know, guys who claim they're straight, but follow their instincts to the cruisy gay beaches.

I got sand in my pants and I wanna dance!


White Guys Can't Hump?

Before you get all hot and bothered about the Eric Dane (McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy) sex tape which oozed into the general public's purvey today, be warned. It's lousy, and with two other women, his wife, has-been actress Rebecca Gayheart, and a female whore. And his wife smokes crack!

Fleshbot got their dirty sexy hands on the tape and are showing it like a peep show!

At least we get to see Dane's half-hard cock. But there's no sex. It's just these minor celebs lounging around high with a hooker. Drugs are bad. Mmm-kay?

Some fantasies are perhaps better left to the imagination.



We're on a roll with the celebrity nude pics.

Since he admitted that it's him to the source that posted it, and a UK gossip website confirms it, I now feel okay about sharing this. Here's that certain African-American Oscar-winning stud showing off his big talent!

The question is, why? you win an Oscar. You're world-famous. Why? Some naughty girl needs even more convincing to sex him up? Puh-leeze.

Why didn't he wait until right when his next movie came out? Useless scandal, but tasty.


Charming Channing

Now that G.I. Joe is a box office hit, former model turned pouty-faced actor Channing Tatum's sweet past employment as a stripper has surfaced, in a (sadly tame) video.

Huffington Post (yes, the political blog has gone celeb-silly) has the clip HERE.

I do wish he'd gone a little further with his strip act. But not being one to leave you teased and unsatisfied, here are a few more revealing pics of Channing, real and fake. Search my blog under the word "strippers" for more pics of those whose Cobras Rise to the occasion!

Before you blow $10 on G.I. Joe, rent Step Up to see Chan do some nice dance moves, and actually act.