Pato Penis Pride

A short (incompetently shot) webcam clip of twinkie soccer star Alexandre Pato jacking his delicious uncut cock is making the rounds.

Alexandre Pato has been hailed by AC Milan teammate David Beckham as one of the brightest hopes for the future of football, but his skill on the pitch may soon be overshadowed by his tendency to get his junk out in front of a webcam.

A video on Brazil’s most popular humour blog (I won't link to that, as the post about him has been deleted) suggests that the nineteen-year-old was targeted by a fake internet groupie named ‘The Blond of The Internet’. Undeterred by this ridiculously suspicious moniker, the excitable Brazilian was allegedly lured into removing his clothes during a webcam chat with said fake groupie.

It’s not 100 per cent certain that the star of this video is Pato, but we know he is partial to trawling the web for ladies: he met his WAG Stephany Brito online.
Story from The Spoiler. note; none of the video links work.

FamousMales, where I first read about it
(with plenty of non-working video download links).

Embedded video on Spanish website.

Fansite gossip board with a few more links.

Downloadable link here (although I can't get it to play).


Happy Cock

Since you're no doubt saddened by the parade of celebrity deaths, here are a few things to cheer you up, most notable, happy bouncy swingin' cocks out in broad daylight.

This adorable guy was at the Vancouver World Naked bike ride, a splendid event, where people of all genders and body types ride bike nude to protest global warming, or something.

More pics of him and others on bikes and elsewhere being cock-bouncin' nude at Over Our Head.

See? Even in the face of sadness, tragedy and catastrophe, a bouncy cock can make you feel better.



More random stripper pics, just because. The U.S, doesn't have national gay marriage laws, nor does it have progressive strip clubs where you can see a big hard cock on stage, like in Brazil, Peru, Canada or other more evolved countries.